back from scan need advice

hello,i went for scan this morning,and all they could tell me was that they could see a sac with fluid,and it looked like the sac has formed, but they could not tell too much as i am only 5weeks and 3 days, i had by bloods done and got them back this afternoon,and all they that it was high and that i got to go back in sunday morning to repeat the test,the brown blood has stopped and i just have a period pain thats all ,but when i spoke to the nurse there she said that it could be implantion as my peroid was due 13 feb and my last was 13 jan ,but i have no red blood at all.
but they also said in thescan that the brown blood would not harm the baby and that it could be old blood,
has any body been throught the same thing,would like to have some advice,
thank you x


  • Hi, didnt want to R and R, I am afraid i cant offer you any advice as this is my first. I have heardbrown blood is old blood and therefore ok. what exactly is 'high' with your bloods? did they give you any indication ? x
  • forgot to say hope everything is alright x
  • hi ya the scan i had to was inconclusive and the rason why they wanted to check my bloods to see if it was an eptopic or a falling miscarrige or a normal pregancy,its too do with the level of bhcg,they came back high,so i have my fingers crossed,hopfully sunday i know more,i will keep u posted,thanks
  • i had this on my first pregnancy,i was early on and they only could see the sac so had to go back a few weeks after,idont suffer with af pains but had the worst af pains ever,the docs said it wasd implantion pain and bleed,on my last pregnancy i had fresh blood at 7,13wks and everythin was ok so try and not worry

  • hope all is ok hun, take care. xxx
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