Every Day or Every Other Day?

Hi All,

Out of curiosity I wanted to conduct a bit of a mini survey...

We unfortunately suffered a mmc at 13 weeks back at the end of April.  I am 40 years old and literally had my coil (copper) removed on the Thursday, dtd on the Tuesday and 10 days later I found out I was pregnant!  We couldn't believe it but sadly it wasn't meant to be :(

We have been TTC ever since witrh no luck and we are now into Cycle #6 (currently CD10).  I am charting and using OPKs so know I am ovulating and generally ovulate on CD13 or 14. 

My question is, when you conceived, did you dtd every day or every other day?  I have really upped my game this month and am on various supplements, am exercising more and eating as healthily as I can.  H is also taking supplements to help his soldiers along just in case.  I was planning on going for CD9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18 and 20 this month but  read so much conflicting advice on if every day is a good or bad thing. 

So what did you do? 


  • Hi Razoredcarrot, hope you are well :)

    We followed the Sperm Meets egg plan both times we conceived (one ended in mc, the other is current pregnancy) Its quite hardcore- every other day from cd 6 (from memory) and then every day though fertile period, miss a day and then once more for luck! I believe it was designed for people trying to conceive again after a mc and we did the first month of trying, but you never know how much of that is down to luck and other circumstances. I'm only a teeny bit younger than you at 35.

    I don't think we could do it every month of trying mind you- its exhausting, haha!

    Best of luck :)

  • Thanks lorew, I suppose we have been loosely following smep but often H is getting fed up. We could only start yesterday (cd9) this month as H has been away and I’ve chatted with him to ask if he is up for really going for it this month and his response was we can try 😂 I think I’m due to ovulate Thursday or Friday so might have a break tonight then go tuesday to Friday every day and Sunday for luck! To be honest he made a point that he thought he has really been going for it every month and we have really when I look back through my charts, it just isn’t working for whatever reason. 

    Fingers crossed we can catch that illusion egg this month! 

    I hope you are feeling well x

  • Hi just found out I am pregnant 2 days ago. I used clear blue ovulation dual hormone test. I had a flashing smiley for 4 days. We DTD on a Friday. Got my positive static smiley 2 days later on the sunday,so dtd. Then we DTD again on Tuesday. This was all we did over my fertile window. I think sex everyday can lower sperm count. Couldn't believe it when I got.my bfp especially as I have no symptoms yet.

    In previous cycles we had been baby dancing from CD 10-16. But this was getting exhausting and wasn't working. 

    I too had a mc after getting pregnant first time trying. This time it too us 3 months to conceive. I am 26 years old. 

    Wishing you good luck and lots of baby dust. Every other day worked best for us 

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