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Pregnant? Smear with biopsy today

Hi all... Had smear today had abnormal cells.. had a biopsy done. While at i noticed when they ask me when my last period was i noticed i was late.. Ive iregular periods. Was due yesterday no sign.. normally spot first 2 days. Had sex 8 days before it was due. Miss using the pill and he came in me. 

Please help here advice im feeling low and lost 



    Anyone reading..

    Light bleed.. pink red brown.. dunno is it start period or from biopsy..

    Also fluish and extremely tierd last and today.


  • Have you taken a pregnancy test that’s the only way you will know for sure 

  • Im bleeding lightly now so i havent.. im scared as i live with my parents and already have two.. my circumstance arent great and now abdnormal smear. Im hoping bleeding gets heavier.. i really want other but was hoping i was healthy and have a house for us just not right now. Thanks for reply x

  • So bleeding little heavier.. red and brow aslo sticky discharge. Sorry tmi.. just want others...who might go threw it know. If i wasnt bleeding swear i was pregnant. Got pains in lady parts.. legs.. and twinges in by belly button.. confused.

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