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My first positive result!

Hey Guys,

I received my first cleaimager positive yesterday! Ttc for 2 months and its our first. My first appointment is booked for the 6th November. I have mild cramping and feel bloated. Would you say thats normal?


  • Congrats :) yea, that's very normal :) good luck!

  • Hey Arcadia do you mind me asking when you took the test did you miss AF or did you test earlier? I’m 9 DPO and I’m really wanting to test with having symptoms such as headaches dizzy spells and nausea, but I know it’s still early!!

  • Hey 

    thats very normal. I’m 7 days over due and have all the symptoms already. Bloated, feeling sick, I’m exhausted, tired, emotional...

    i have a 19 month also. I’m scared again telling everyone and feel little bit guilt on her.. 

  • imageimage

    you should def test this am was 11DPO for me !! I’m having all the symptoms of AF starting and then some nauseous and dizzines which is actually starting to get better !

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