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Need help. Not sure what do to do.

So on the 4 of September I started to spot. Everytime I wiped I would get a light brown creamly almost like discharge. That happened for about a week. On the 11 of September I was suppose to start my period. I had my period for maybe about a quarter of the day. Just enough to fill one tampon then it went back to spotting. 2 days later I took a test and it came back negative. But I started to get nauseous and it can be all day to just at night. I never throw up or anything just a upset tummy. Well maybe a week ago my nipples started to be SUPER sore. Can't touch them to clothes, my hands, lean against anything. It's all sore. But again my test still says negative. I also am extremely tired, I can sleep 7 hours and feel like I just tossed and turned all might long not getting any sleep. I have talked to friends who have miscarriaged and friends who had gone full term. I'm not sure if it would be worth going to the doctor because I'm not even sure what is going on. Am I pregnant or do I just think I am or what


  • Hiya im not sure.. but try another test in few days also a blood test might be an option to easy your mind :)

  • I'd say you're probably not pregnant. Sorry. Your tests would have been positive by now. If you still have doubts try better test maybe like first response on morning urine, maybe you had bad batch or something? 

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