Sleeping bag confusion!

Is anyone else using sleeping bags when their LO arrive?

When I first got pregnant all I read seemed to suggest they are a good idea and now it all seems to say blankets are better!! I have bought two already which are 0-6 months but now don't know what to do! I ended up rushing out and buying a load of blankets too-actually just as confusing-what blankets do you use and how many :\?:\?

Any help/experiences appreciated!




  • Its what suits you and your baby really!

    I have got some swaddling cloths for the early weeks as used by friends and my sister recently with newborns. Will then move to sleeping bags when baby is a big bigger.

    As for blankets will have loads and use in daytime and in pram/ car seat etc.

    Hope that helps!
  • Hiya.
    I've got a mix of a few sleeping bags and some swaddlers. again, going to use swaddlers til baby is a few weeks old then use sleeping bags. but will just see how baby is with them.

  • alot of the sleeping bags have weight ranges on them and you have to make sure they can to wriggle down in to the sleeping bag. i used blankets until ryan was about a month old, as his head was small and could easily wriggle down in to the sleeping bag.
  • i will defo use sleeping bags this time as i found it was a signal for jack when bedtime was and it was different from nap time .....i have a couple of grow bag ones that have a popper button under the arm so that baby cant wriggle down so i think as long as baby feels warm enough i will just use these xxxxxxxx
  • I like the gorbag ones and like becki said they are fine as long as their heads don't fit through the gap once they are fully done up so maybe use blankets until your LO fits into them properly. It's what you feel comfortable with, I don't think there is any right or wrong.
  • I plan to uae blankets to start with then sleeping bags - We've brought a couple of sleeping bags but baby needs to be a certain weight before they can be used.
  • Shell what weight does baby need to be according to your info? Mine say 7lbs so I assume will be OK from birth as v unlikely to be less than that! Thnx everyone for your advice-think I am well and truly in panic mode as getting so near!
  • My friend has bought me a 0-6 fleecey sleeping bag from boots which has arms in, I like this as it will help stop the baby sliding inside if they wriggle about. I dont know why they dont all have them.
  • I wrapped my little girl up for the first month or so then tansfered to sleeping bags, she is 20 months and still goes in her sleeping bag at night, she loves it. She knows its time for bed and when she's really tired she goes and gets it.

    I will do the same this time round.

  • sleeping bags arent recommended for newborns but if ur happy to use them then its ur decision, we didnt use them til JJ went into his cot which was about 4 weeks ago when he was 12 weeks x
  • I have got 3 0-6 month ones - I have gone for a (low) 1.5 tog (and that way I can just add a blanket if it is particularly cold). I have used these when I worked as a nanny, and found that they worked well - the baby feels secure, but can also kick and wriggle without getting into too much of a mess. Also they are less likely to wriggle underneath than with a blanket. BUT it is just down to personal choice. image
  • Hi,

    I used blankets for the first month or so with my little boy, then went onto the sleeping bags. As he always used to kick the blankets off or wriggle up the cot by the time morning came. (he is still using a sleeping bag now and he is coming up to two). I will be doing the same for this one when she arrives, as with the others though it does depend how small babes is as to when she will go into a sleeping bag.

    Jules x
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