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Hello, everyone, I put this under this because there wasn't a a category for what I need to ask. I'm a person who has irregular periods, and have even skipped periods before. This time I've taken two pregnancy tests. One of them was very cheap (only a dollar) and said I was pregnant. So, my boyfriend and I got a more expensive ($7) test and it said negative. My period still hasn't come, and just this morning my nipples were slightly sensitive, and I had slight constipation (I try to poop every morning, and most of the time it never fails.) I'm too scared to ask my mom because I don't wanna be a disappointment. Is there any advice you guys could give me? 


  • Trying roughly making out a period date from your last cycle.. if you got two positives u could be pregnant as sometimes the cheap ones can be morw sensitive. Id test again in moring first pee.. try using a first response test.. i like clear blue digital but thats if your few days after missed period...i have irrgular period two.. and ive two babes clear blue digital i used but some times not as senstive. Dont feel like a disappointment.. ive two kids close together and im living with my parents they love the kids :) i was surprised with the reaction. Good luck hun.. keep us update.. if u need a chat  

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