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Hello you all pretty moms! I am currently 5 months pregnant. My baby has been moving quite well for past few weeks I use to feel when I laid flat on my back and gently place my hands on my tummy but now it has been a week that I no longer hear movement even if I do the same. Has this happened to anyone? Could this be dangerous? Or is it possible that the placenta might change its position going into more anterior? 


  • Hi..Do you still feel movement throughout the day?? If not or you feel it slowed down always better to contact doctor to be safe.  I was in hospital a few time on my LG with no movement cause my placenta at the front which i didnt know till i was in labour it cushioned the movement. Nothig serious had a natuarl birth.

    Also if no real movement try lying on your left side 30 minutes.. drink orange juice cold water eat chocolate.. lucozade. Give the baby a little sugar rush to get moving. Baby might just have changed position and is comfy out. 

    My movement on my little man changed the bigger we got. 

    Best of luck x 

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