Pregnancy Books

Does anyone have any recommendations or know a good one? there are so many!!

Thanks xxxxx


  • I have one by Lesley Regan which is called 'Your Pregnancy Week by Week' and its definitely my favourite. I bought quite a few and this is the only one I still refer too.

    Bec 22+5 x
  • Hi Steph I bought the same book that Bec mentioned and I think it's great. I found it in Smiths.
  • Right now I'm reading Johnson's Mother & Baby, I think it's quite good, but then again I haven't read much to compare it to.
    I did get a lend of Dr Miriam Stoppard's Pregnancy & Birth handbook. I've only read bits and pieces and really was not happy with it. There is something about it that makes me scared and uncommfortable. I think it focuses too much on the bad things that could happen rather than the good.
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  • I have the one by Lesley Regan and I really like it,

    With my last pregnacy I bought the one you are talking about Monigue Nicole and I felt exactly the same way you do about it.

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