Am I mad?? Or is my nose really bigger?! lol

Hi all
This may sounds like a really mad thing to put on here but I want to know if I am the only one!! Over the last few weeks I have been looking in the mirror and thinking that my nose looks bigger than normal. Over the last week or so my hubby and family have noticed it too! It looks all swollen like a boxers nose!! I don't look like my usual self at all! I haven't put that much weight on my face but even if I had surely it would not make my nose fat??!! lol
Does anyone else look like they've had a punch in the nose or am I just mad?? lol lol.

Mrs S
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  • My best friend had this, her nose was definately swollen in the last few weeks of her pregnancies. Your not going mad! image
  • oooh its a boy! They say that if your nose spreads when your pregnant, your carrying a boy. It was true for me, my nose seemed to grow to giant proportions when I was pregnant and I had a bouncing baby boy in August! But my nose is now normal size again, although possibly not for much longer as I'm 14 weeks with number 3 and if its a boy I'll be turning into pinochio again soon.
  • lol....well that works for my friend too as she has had 3 boys!! image
  • lol i was only saying a bout an hour ago to o/h my nose looks like it has grown ,he just laughed at me .Iv been told at my 20wk scan that it was a little girl sooo now am reli confussed lol
    zoe 21+5
  • My nose hasnt swelled, but my lips have!! It must just be one of those weird pregnancy things that nobody thinks to tell you about lol, strange facial swellings!
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