What should i do????????

ok so i had my midwife on tuesday and all was going well she was doing blood tests andsaid my veins were deep and had to go in quite vertically drew blood fine got vein first time when she pulled it out my arm was slightly bent and it hurt like bloody hell but she said it was cos my arm wasn;t perfectly straight, hurt like hell for ages, net day it felt like something was in there had the sharp feling when you run your finger over it but OH said i was being daft then today at work i could feel something sticking out my arm and one of the ladies i work with had a look and too could feel it and got some twezzers and pulled something out of it, was this the tip of the needle????? its all i can think it was!!!! what do i do know should i complain next time i go or is this common????:evil: :\?


  • I have never heard of this before. I would say something as it could have been much worse if you hadn't noticed!
  • Hi I dont know if this is common or not I don't know anyone its happened to though. Did you keep what you pulled out if you did take it to doctors and ask them if its part of the neddle. If it is then yes I complain big style and even if you dont have what you pulled out. Next time you see your midwife have a moan to her about it. xxx
  • You should tell them because if they've got a batch of defective needles they would want to know. Also you should tell them in case there is any risk of infection or anythging as a result.
  • hiya hadto reply, if i was i cant believe it! complain defaintly that shouldnt happen! im a student nurse in 1st yr, ive done had lectures and done some and havent heard of this, i suppose it could happen, the mw should have seen, is it all out your arm now? and does it feel better? xxxxxx
  • Hi joanne, this is not common. i have had a number of blood tests in the past and never experienced this nor have i heard it happen to anyone else. You should mention this as someone said they may have a faulty batch. Hope you arm is feeling better now.
  • How awful, i wud definately complain, that is really bad practise and cud have caused you an infection or anything. MW shud be more careful wen taking blood but no doubt they will just give u excuses as to why it happened. Hope ur arm is okay now. Kerry xxx

  • thankx ladies my arm does feel much better although slightly paranoid there is still abit in there i will call docs tommorow to complain although like you say im sure i will just get fobs off i never thought about it being a dodgy batch i would hate for it to happen to anyone else it bloody hurt
  • This is awful and absolutely not the norm. Hope you saved whatever it was to take with you. If not though, still go an explain what happened and do not be fobbed off by them.

    Glad your arms better - take some arnica either by tablet (from chemists or Boots) or cream.

  • unfortunatly i lost the bit that came out as it flew out the twezzers bloody fiddly things!!!!
  • Hi Joanne
    I'm with the other girls - def report/complain...this can't be right!
    Hope ur arm isn't as sore now
    Sarah xx
  • joanneG you should defo complain. i am a nurse and have never heard of this before, that is how uncommon it is. I would recommend you take further steps. Is she a community midwife, works for the gp? or is she a hosp midwife. There are plenty of people above her and whether it be going to the practice manager or a higher leve midwife she should not get away with this. The fact that she thinks this sort of practice is fine is worrying and shows her incompetance. Don't except excuses.

    Don't get me wrong mistakes can happen but don't be fobbed off. and if not for yourself do it so that it cant happen to anyone else.

    Good luck though. Hope your arm is much better now. sorry you had to experience that.

  • she is part of the st peters hospital team but works out of the gp surgery i think, it was my first meeting with her im only 11 weeks and this has made me feel rather nervous about having bloods taken again it was only the second time ive ever had blood taken in my life. i just worry if i kick up a stink at the doctors that my care will be jepordised i know they have to be proffesional and are not meant to be able to do that but really they could make my visits very uncomfortable and be difficult with me x


  • just goes to show that theyre not always right! did you keep it? i would definately say something as someone said they could have a faulty batch of needles. and also i want to say OUCH poor you that bugger would of hurt!!!
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