Any pregnant teachers summer bamaternity leave advice please

Discovered I am pregnant over xmas and should be due between 31st August - 5th September (havent had midwife appt to confirm dates yet and I'm irregular normally.)

Because my due date is right at the end of the summer holiday/start of autumn term 2009 I have no idea when to think about beginning my maternity leave or whether I would be entitled to full pay over the summer hols.

Any advice would be brilliant.


  • Hi mazza - I'm a teacher. Your timing's brilliant - if I were you I'd name your due date as the day your mat leave starts, and so just get paid as normal over the summer. I say good timing because that way you can have a whole year of mat leave and go back for the start of the new academic year - nice and tidy (if you plan on going back, that is....)

    I'm currently on mat leave and hoping to go back to work for one week at the end of the summer term, so that I get paid properly over the summer.
  • Thanks pinktoothbrush - when are you due?
  • Forgot to say congratulations!

    I had my baby 5 weeks ago, but I still lurk here image
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