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I'm a bit confused about the range of travel systems and pushchairs available, and I'm hoping someone can help me. :\? I want something that will be suitable from birth onwards without spending too much money (certainly no more than ??300, preferably less!). The main thing that I'm not sure about is whether I need a system where the baby can lie completely flat at first. Or is it ok to be in the car seat part of the travel system as long as it's not in it for very long? At the moment I like the look and price of the Graco Mosaic One but it doesn't have any type of lie flat carrycot type attachment as far as I can see.

Hope someone can help!


  • there is a really wide range of prams and pushchairs to choose from now...i had a travel system for my first baby and as long as the baby is'nt in the car seat for longer than 2 hours (think this is still right) then its fine to use...i would advise to invest in a footmuff so if you will be using it often u can lie the pushchair right back and your baby can lie flat..

    lots of prams come with a separate carrycot now that just clips onto the chassis and lots are very reasonable in price too xx
  • With first son i had a travel system which had the car seat as the main bit for the baby and had no problems. there is no time limit the baby allowed in it as my son was sleeping in his overnight as he would not under any circumstances sleep in his moses basket or cot and we even told health visitor and she said it was fine for him to sleep in it as in anything else he would cry for hours on end! He is five now and has no back problems and is perfectly fine. Also baby's are only in the car seat attachment for the smallest amount of time anyway you or your family and friends will prob always have him out for a cuddle. If in doubt ask your midwife for advice to put your mind at rest.


  • Ive bought the graco mosaic travel system. Its the denim and red one called jean jeanie. I had mine from ebay - onlinebaby. Had a bargain it cost under ??130 , brand new including the car seat and other things thrown in like umbrella and cosy toes. It was all boxed up. really chuffed with it - as like you i didnt want to spend a great deal but wanted soemthing nice and comfortable for the early days and also something not too big which you can fold easy and get around the shops in. There is so much choice its really up to how much you want to spend.
  • hey you sound like me when we brought ours!!
    we went for the Graco Metrosport Travel System in Metropolitan from babies r us and when we brought it it was ??129.99 now i know this sound cheep, but we are planning on buying a strollor next yeah when lo will be toddling anyway, so wasnt going to spend a fortune,
    i did however buy some belt covers that stick round the straps for the buggy bit as they were a bit rough and a support thing to soften the back prt but they were just extras the raincover cost ??15.00 plus car seat included! so for like ??150.00 we got everything we need plus its so light and easy to push !
    my oh liked the brown one and some others but they felt so chunky id never of got them on the bus and most didnt fit in the boot of the car !!!!
    ( just checked the name on the website and ids got another ??10.00 off so its down to ??109.99 now too !!)

  • I had a travel system with my second child 6 years ago.... in them days newborn ment it was suitable fro car seat and she was in her car seat for a few hours about 4... by the time I put her in it and got to the shops then round the shops then home again and I never had any problems with her....

    this time I have got another travel system and is from new born and comes with a carry cot... i got the trenton from mothercare and was ??269.... if money is tight like it is with me it may help to no that mothercare do a nursery plan where you can put stuff on account and pay for it as often and as much as you can... all they ask is that you have it paid off 10 days before the delivery date of your items..... i brought my cot, matress and travel system this way and paid a little every week when oh got paid... u dont get credit checked or anything like that an dmost stuff can be added.....
  • Thanks for the feedback ladies, it sounds as though the kind of thing we've been looking at will be fine, we'll have to get to a shop and try out some of the more promising looking systems now.
    Tigerfeet, thanks for that tip about mothercare, was planning on buying from them anyway, that sounds like a really helpful way of doing it.
  • Hi, i got the silvercross linear freeway in the 07 colour pistachio it is a travel system was over what you said but was just under ??400 that was for the pram/pushchair. converts from a lay flat pram to a pushchair that faces either way ( i purchases this instead of the 3d which faces away from you). i also purchased the matching carseat which was in the price so you dont have to have that and that would cut the cost alot, the carseat can fit just on the frame itself also you get the raincover for both and the footmuff and change bag. this was from babyequipmentcomplete.com they deliver the next day if in stock and before 12, which was good because i just couldnt decide as there are so many to choose from!!. Hope your search goes well, i would say f you see one online check it out in a shop as a few a saw looked great then in reality they looked awful close upxxxxx
  • Only prob I had with the 'lie flat' suitable from birth mamas & Papas pliko was that Tom would only sleep on his front and it DID NOT GO FLAT. I think most people would advise babies had the option of lying totally flat if possible but then as you rightly point out to have a pram with carrycot, car seat, buggy facing forwards and rear, sturdy but light, big enough to stretch out in but compact for the car is almost impossible !!!
  • If you intend to make lots of car journeys or use the car seat on the pushchair for lengthy periods then I would look at car seats which allow the baby to lie flat or near flat as this is supposed to be better for baby's respiratory system.

    If you look in the new Mamas and Papas catalogue (or on their website) they do a car seat called the Sleep IP which can lie flat when its being used with the pushchair.

    If your budget is higher you could look at the Jane Matrix Cup system where the baby can lie flat in the car AND when it's on the pushchair. This is what I want to get but will have to look a bit more at budget and car space as when it's in lie flat mode it goes accross the back seat of the car taking up two seating spaces. If you make long journeys a lot I would definately go for something like this or if the baby is going to be in the car seat on the pushchair for long periods.
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