Follow-up Physion Appointment

I had my follow-up physio appointment today. She seemed very pleased that my pain seems to be easing (which I'm surprised about as I've not really been doing the exercises that she had previously given me TUT TUT).

She has given me a few more exercises to do. The first couple are to be done with a resistence band (which I got all excited about as I get to keep it LOL!!!). I then said how my Pilates instructor wanted to give me a some exercises to do on an exercise ball so she showed me a couple more than I can do with that. I think because these exercises are not as dull and boring as the last couple she gave me I'm more willing to try these - especially the ball ones.

DH is going to get the ball pumped up for me so I can get them done. I'm going to try them out when DD is in bed so I can sit on it at night. HEHE.

She is very reluctant to give me a support belt as she feels too many ladies rely on these. She said that if I know that I'm going to be doing a lot then to use an elasticated belt around the hips and this should more or less do the same thing. Will have to invest in one as I'm not one for belts LOL!!!

Have got to go back in two weeks to see whether any further improvements have been made.

Love and hugs

Clare & Blob


  • Hi honey, what condition are you seeing the physio for? My midwife has asked me to see her on Tues with a view to referring me to a physio as my hormones are causing my pelvis muscles to soften causing me pain in my lower back and I have a stitch at the front under my bump.

    Georgie xx 20+6
  • More or less the same as you - SPD - which is affecting my pelvis at the very front. I was in more or less constant pain whenever I moved. This has now eased considerably since seeing the physio 10 days ago

  • Thats fantastic hun, hopefully the physio will help, Ive got an exercise ball too, I have blown it up but not quite motivated enough to use it. I finish work on 12th June so want to be well so that I can enjoy my time off, the Midwife said there was a chance of having crutches or being bed ridden if it gets worse and its worrying as its happening so early.

    Sounds positive, glad your feeling better

    Georgie xx
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