Wld have posted this earlier but my comp has been crashing all day!

Friday! was awful! I went into premature labour at about 2:30am! Got to hospital at about 3 & pushed for about 4 hours... 4 hours of which nothing happened! They then told me I had a further 2 hours to give birth... which I didnt (she'd moved from the down position aswell) so after that they said to me we're gonna give you tablets again to stop it... because I'm early anyway. they kept me in hospital till 2 which I hated I cant stand it in there lol! But they said if this happens again I'll have to give birth & if tht dosent work they'll have to give me a C section. Been home since then & nothings happened apart from her normal active self.

Girly Bump was being very annoying & made me very worried.

Just thought I'd update you on whats going on in my world!


  • little madam! How annoying for you! Are you ok?
  • Yeah I'm ok for the moment Thanks. Just scared me cause only 2mrw I'll be 28 weeks so thats a bit early! But havent had any problems with her untill now so all a bit of a shock!

    My Bf& Mum down at the hospital & my family & friends all by their phones & she change her mind! Which I'm glad about anyway cause it would be way to early.x

    Hows your pregnancy so far?
  • hi, glad to hear everything is ok and i hope she doesnt make an appearance anytime soon x
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