99 days....!!

Sorry ladies, I know this has been posted a million times but I had to express my joy at getting down to double figures until my due date! The last few weeks have flown by!! Roll on 22nd July (as long as bump decides to come on time that is) !!! Hope everyone's well? xxxx



  • Hmmmm! Why does my ticker say 98 days??!!! Strange! xx
  • YAYYYY for 99 days I am on 72 now and they seem to be dissapearing really quickly :S
  • girls try to enjoy this time as my pregnancy has shot by it feels like i was at 99 days only a couple of weeks ago but i now have 29 days left and am so scared!!!
  • Congratulations for reaching 99 days!! hope they go smoothly for you! x
  • I have 210 left!!!
  • Congratulations swillo, i feels like things move alot quicker once u get under 100days. It only seemed like yesterday i was at 99days and now bam... im on 78days. Big Congrats!

  • I am now on 42 and ever since it hit 50 days it has become really scary!! No turning back now!! image

    Congrats to you for reaching 99 though - that is a big milestone!
  • I hadnt been on here for a while and not really paid much attention to the daily count down but just had a look and im on 52 days to go. Its so scary. I personally dont think i will last that long and have already been told that because i am having a c section i will be going in at 38 weeks so thats minus 14days.OMG THATS 44 days!!!
  • Aideen - its ot 44 you wally lol it's 38 image bet thats scared you even more. xx
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