Fat Feet!!

Hi Ladies,

Bit of advise needed really. Im 29 wks and this weekend I started to get hurty feet. I assumed it was the sunny weather (YAY!) but now Im sat and my feet are throbbing and have stabbing pains? I have taken my shoes off, and I think this might be the dreaded feet swelling kicking in. My hands feel podgy (more so than normal) also.

So what I guess I am asking - is this it till baby boy bump comes? Or will get better? Any tips to make it better. Its unconfy now but have a feeling it could all get so much worse..


C xXx


  • hmmmmmm i'm 32 weeks and have never had swollen feet or hands and I do spend a lot of my time on my feet.

    I know that swelling can be a sign of pre eclampsia although I'm no expert on this.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful hun, perhaps speak to your mw.

  • Id ring someone to get some advice-Ive had the swollen feet and just had to put them up, pref above my heart (apparently that works but Im not sure) however I have been told if my hands start to swell as well I should get in touch with midwife or doctors.


  • Hi hon I have had some swelling in both my feet and hands and have been advised by my mw to put my feet up when ever possible and that as long as the swelling goes down every night then its nothing to worry about, however if you are worried then contact your mw. Also make sure that you drink plently of fluids as this apparently helps too!
    Tammi xxx
    33.2 wks
  • thanks guys,

    not worried yet but if it doesn't go down over night will call the Mw. Just wondered if thats it - now I have it - it won't go away. Oh the joys of carring a bub.. (all worth it though)
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