Hiya girls, as a few of you know ive had 2 mc's in the past and im really worried now as just been looking through differant forums and seen that someone had a scan at 7 weeks and saw a heartbeat (Like me) Then when they went for 12 weeks scan they had miscarried. Im so scared of this happening to me now as this is the first pregnancy where ive seen a heartbeat and was looking forward to my next scan (7th jan) But now im not!!! Ive been saying i dont feel pregnant for a few weeks now (Dont know how i expected to feel but i dont feel it!)

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  • Hi Mikayla I know exactly how you are feeling even though I am blessed with 2 wonderful little girls I have also had 2 miscarriages.

    I also had an early scan due to previous history and saw a heartbeat yet I am still petrified something has gone wrong. My scan is on th 11th and I am getting so scared.

    I did read though that 98% of women that have had early scans and seen a heartbeat go on to have full pregnancies so it is a bot of light relief yet I still think I am going to be in that 2 %.

    Its not helping I have lost all symptoms apart from feeling bloated. Its all a very scary time which will now continue even wheb your baby is here.

    Good luck xxx
  • It would be a lie to say it's impossible to have a missed mc after a positive early scan...but it is quite uncommon, if u think a pregnancy has a 15% chance of mc in the first 12 weeks, after a heartbeat is seen on an early scan it is more like 5%. Also mmc's only account for 1% of all pregnancies so I'd say you've got a great chance!

    I had 2 early scans cos of bleeding and was very worried about mc, particularly as I never got a 12 week scan. But everything turned out to be fine. I was terrified though and I've never mc so if I had I would have been inconsolable I'm sure so I can kind of understand what ur going through!

    Sorry for ranting basically I'm sure there is no need to panic, and that everything is going fine in there x x x
  • Apart from the sore nipples i have nothing! Whereas a few weeks ago i had everything! This is such a scary time when it should be a happy one! I dont know what to think no more! Thanx for your reply though, it does help knowing your not on your own! Just cant wait till monday now! It cant come quick enough!! x


  • i had a scan at 12weeks in 2003 and baby had no heartbeat it had died at 8weeks they think.
    ever since then i am so scared it will happen again, i was relived when they found my daughters heartbeat at 12weeks and with this one also.
    i get very paranoid if i dont have symptoms makes you worry something might have happend,dusnt it.
    i am sure your scan will be fine its hard not to worry tho i know you will be fine im sure
    let us know how you get on hun xxx


  • I am sure you will be fine babe! There have been some really unfortunate people on here lately and my heart goes out to them but the chances are realistically you will be fine.

    In my area there is a drop in clinic once a week where I can see a midwife - is there anything like that in your area? Maybe they could try and use a doppler so you can hear the heartbeat before your scan to put your mind at rest?

    This is my 3rd and it is the only one where I have had all the horrendous symptoms for the 1st 12 wks then the sickness, sore boobs, etc just went and I am just tired now but I am an "older mum at 38" so it could be that. It is a relief that most symptoms have gone but it was un-nerving to start with.

    Take care and let us know how you get on, love Lee xxxxx

  • hi,

    just wanted to add my reassurance along with everyone else. I've also had a mmc (and another mc for good measure) but once a heartbeat has been seen the chances of mc drop drastically.

    I had an early scan and it seemed like an eternity to my 12 week scan (which was in fact at 13 weeks) but now I'm thinking its a short 4 1/2 months until I finish work!

    I dont think i'll believe I'm having a healthy pregnancy until the baby is actually in my arms but it does get easier once you get past the magic 12 week mark.

    Try not to worry too much over the weekend - Monday will be here before you know it.
  • dnt wory hun im not geting any scan till like 16 18 weeks. i avent had first scan .
  • Also I'll add that I totally lost symptoms at 10 weeks! I never had sore boobs much to start with, just sickness, but that was gone by 10 weeks x
  • See...Ladies this is what you need to be careful of. Reading things that has gone wrong with others then applying it to your own. I know it's hard not to, but you need to be careful.

    I could tell you all sorts of things that went wrong with my mums three pregnancies. And all three of us are here. Tkae me for example. 1 month before I was due they had another scan as there was no movement. They found no heartbeat from me and no movement. I was going to be still born. I came out. Was put down on the silver tray.

    I screamed my bloody head off cause they interrupted my deep sleep. So you see. You cant go according to other people's misfortunes. It is unlucky for those who have had miscarraiges. And i always cry when I hear about it. But you have to try and try again to stop thinking your next. I did that and was literally sick with worry.

    Enjoy what you have when you have it. Dont worry about it. Otherwise you will find that you have worried for so long you forgot to saver the moment....
    Good luck. and remember to smile when you see that heartbeat.
  • hi, i had a mc last year and had a little light spotting,so went to get it checked out and had a scan at 7 weeks there was a heartbeat!

    then at my 12 week scan they said there was no heartbeat and that the baby died at just over 7 weeks!

    im now 18 weeks pregnant and have been so scared all the time every pain im at the doctors just to be reasured theres still a heartbeat.

    most first pregnancy end in mc. i know its nerve racking but try to stay possitive. and also in the first 13 weeks or so i only had sore nipples. and no other syptoms. xxxxx love hayley

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