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23 weeks and feeling kicks REALLY low down?

Hi everyone,
I'm starting to get concerned.
Normally I feel kicks anywhere from below my belly button to below my ribs.
I have just recently (last 40 mins) been feeling kicks really really low down, never ever felt it so low. Its down towards my 'you know what'!
It feels so surreal.

Is this just normal?

At 16 weeks I went into hospital and they discovered my cervix was open so was at risk of miscarriage or premature birth but ultrasonographer at 20 week scan said there was 'no funnelling' now, which I think meant its not open.

I'm so scared of premature birth at the mo and get scared at every little thing.

Its probably nothing to do with it but last night I had really strong period type pains, which i was worried about but soon put it to the back of my mind.

Am I just being stupid?!
Can anyone tell me if they know whats happening or if their baby kicks so low? xx


  • I've felt kicks pretty low down too - as well as high up. Don't forget they could well be punches rather than kicks and baby could well have his or her head down quite low. My boy has had his head down from at least 25 weeks and I've always assumed that the very low down movements were his hands rather than feet, or even possibly his head moving around.

    If you don't mind an amusing and slightly icky story (hope not cause I'll repeat it anyway!!) - I was told about someone who's hubby got kicked in the willy during sex by the baby must have had an arm or a leg pretty low down. Made me laugh a lot when I heard that one.

    Do you have a mw appt any time soon? I think I was around 24 weeks when the mw first started feeling for my babys position - if you know where your baby is lying it might help you figure out where you are likely to get kicked
  • oops..stupid double posting work computer!

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  • Hi Amy, I've had the same too - a really odd feeling!! Some days he spends ages punching down there which can be quite uncomfortable! I've read previous posts about this - apparently it's perfectly normal especially if they're laying head down and it just feels odd because there is bone down there, whereas our bellies are just fat & muscle...

    Hope you're well otherwise hun xx

  • Thank you Kia, thats reassuring that you felt the same thing!
    That poor man who go this willy kicked!! Bet that felt a bit odd! Hahaha!
    I need to make an appointment for when i'm 25 weeks i think they said so i'll ask her about the babys position then!
    Thank you xxxxxxxxx
  • Thank you yum yum! I'm so relieved!!
    Its such an odd feeling isn't it! Hopefully it means that she is head down then! Phew! xxx
  • I've had the low kicking during this pregnancy and don't remember it at all during my first pregnancy. Sometimes its so hard it makes me jump and people look at me! It can also be towards the back - like the baby is giving me a good kick in the rectum - which is most odd! I'm assuming its kicking something that is linked to that part rather than the actual rectum itself! Though my daughter did have very long legs .....

    Gill x
  • Hi, I was wondering about this too so I'm glad you posted! I'm 23 weeks too and being kicked/punched very low down right now! They've always been quite high up before. Glad it's normal :\) x
  • i too have had this and baby has been head down for most of pregnancy! i get like 'shocks' now some of which are on my bladder and i panic! quick loo! i sometimes think i can feel his head turning around too, wonder what hes looking at!! xx
  • Hi Girls

    I am 22 weeks - and have only felt really low kicks its always feels like its just above my bikini line very low, but apprently its because of the way the baby is lying and at the moment it is lying hip to hip so across. Apparently very comfortable the midwife told me.

    Midwife also said - you should never worry if your feeling kicks no matter where they are.

    Allison xxx 22+4
  • I must admit i thought it was a bit strange when i read your post the first time but i think my LO must have read it aswell as he/she has now stated doing the same thing.Feels very strange and it really made me jump this morning as it felt like baby was actuall kicking my vagina image it doesnt hurt just feels strange,sort of like a little shock or tingling its very weird!I have my 21 week scan today so going to see how baby is laying!

    charlie x 21wks
  • Thats exactly how it feels charlie092! I'm so glad its normal!!
    My baby is doing it right now and hubby was giving me funny looks as i was on all fours trying to make her change position as it was just grossing me out too much!
    Thank you for all your answers ladies, i really appreciate it! I'll mention it to my midwife in a few weeks (if i've got one by then!) but i'm not worried at all now! xxx
  • Hi ya

    I had my scan today baby is laying across (from hip to hip) so not really sure if it was feet or hands now! Im having a gorgeous baby boy, so happy!

    charlie x 21 wks
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