I am 25 + 2 and for the last week I have been leaking fluid which has been at different times throughout the day - now for those who think i keep wetting myself ( i thought this too!!!) it is definately not that!! It is also not discharge as I am getting that too.

I didnt think anything of it but I have just started to ponder if it maybe something I should be looking out for?

Please let me know if you have experienced this or at least know if it is anything I should ring someone about as I feel as I am bugging my midwife.

Thanks xx :roll:

Got back from hospital about 1 this morning, all checks (internal and external) show everything in tact and ok. My blood pressure was high but they do a test and it lowered through the test so that was good. There were babies being born when I was there which was weird to listen to and I think this has affected my body as I am now leaking from the boobs!!! image

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  • you should get this checked incase it is amniotic fluid.

    im sure it will be nothing - but sod the midwife she is getting paid to be bugged by pregnant mothers

    maybe call nhs direct and ask them

    good luck xxx
  • Hi I am the same and I am 28 weeks, it started last week. Would love to hear what response you get!!

    Viki x x
  • Viki, Have you rang anyone to check on it? If so what did they say?
  • hun please ring ure midwife or hospital labour ward now to go and get seen as ure waters could be slowly leaking , this happened to my friend at 26 weeks and she had to stay in hospital on bed rest with steroid injections incase her baby arrived early , thankfully they managed to stop the membranes totally rupturing (i dont mean they stopped i mean the bed rest etc made them stop)and her lo was born healthy at 40 weeks , but please get checked asap just in case .........

    keep us updated xxxxxxxxxxx
  • i have been in touch with hospital and they want me to go in and see them on delivery suite. thanks ladies x
  • No, I am in the process of swapping hospitals and dont have a helpful midwife (hence why I am swapping). I get my new midwifes name tomorrow. I have been having braxton hicks all the time but the leaking is a new thing.
    viki x
  • Oh good luck, i will ring tomorrow. Let us know how you get on

    viki x x
  • You should get this sorted asap as if its your waters leaking you could be putting your baby and yourself at risk of infection, hope everything is ok anyway


    ps. wish my waters were leaking =[ lol
  • glad everything is ok hun , arnt our bodies amazing just listening to another baby cry making boobs leak ....eek!..lol xxxxx
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