Am I or am I not having Braxton Hicks?

So, hoping you can help me decide whether these are Braxton Hicks or not!

I will be 33 weeks on Wednesday (eek!). I was in the shower last week when the skin over the top of my bump (above my belly button) went tight and uncomfortable. It lasted for a few minutes and then went away. It occurred to me that it could be my first Braxton HIck. Then later in the evening I was thinking and realised that actually I might have been having them for some time. In the evening my bump often feels tight and slightly hard. I hadn't previously thought they could be BH cos the feeling lasts quite a long time - maybe half an hour, but now I'm not so sure.

Since the one in the shower I think I have been having them at night, about 8pm/9pm ish. Then in the supermarket today as I think I was getting them again.My bump felt tight (across the bump in the belly button area or above it) for about 30 seconds, then it would stop, sort of. Well, it would feel less tight, although not as untight as normal, if you see what I mean. An isle later I had the same thing. Then again in the milk isle. I felt quite short of breath during the tightening, but then in between I was okay.

They don't hurt and aren't even uncomfortable really - maybe a bit itchy. The one in the shower was quite uncomfortable though, which is what started me off thinking maybe it was a BH.

So do you think these could be Braxton Hicks or is it just that the skin on my belly is getting tighter and tighter cos Button is getting bigger and bigger?? Thanks for your help!


  • i find that sometimes my tummy goes really tight and hard at the front when she is pushing her back up against my belly if that makes sense, but braxton hicks does go tight and hard too so its hard for me sometimes to tell unless i go on how long it last i have been getting quite painful BH the last couple of weeks when i walk too to slow down i think.
    But yours do sound like BH
  • Thanks girls

    Lelly I know what you mean about the position of the baby, but I don't think it's that cos I can't feel the shape of the baby when this happens!

    Littlewolf normally my belly is sort of soft - these feel really quite tight, very different to how it feels usually.

    So, looks like I AM having Braxton HIcks!
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