Anyone know of any Baby Retail Outlets in the Midlands area?

Hi All,

I wondered if anyone knew of any Baby retail outlets/factory shops/warehouses etc. Hubby and I have made this our new hobby at weekends. Although I will probably log onto internet to check out and buy my bigger purchases, I am keen to visit and try/see products first hand. Any ideas? We're willing to travel within reason.

Many thanks,

Julie x


  • No sorry Julie other than the usual ones in the leicestershire area, babies are us and mother care in Leicester and the midlands co-op in coalville leicestershire. Where about your from.
  • Hi Julie
    we got our mattress direct from a factory in Somercotes near alfreton if that's anywhere near you?

    Em x
  • Hi, we live on Derbyshire/Staffordshire border so able to cover quite a large area. We found Stork Talk in Ilkeston at weekend. Independent supplier. Very small shop with loads crammed in. Cots, buggies, prams, high chairs and smaller items. Also went to Thorpes in Ilkeston combined with a furniture shop. Had loads of prams, carrycots and car seats as well as nursery furniture. Lady in there was really helpful. They have a baby club where you pay 10% and they'll hold until baby is born. Your guarantee doesn't start until you take delivery (on both counts!). Anyone found any other good shops? What's in Meadowhall these days babywise? What about Merryhill? Julie x
  • Meadow hall isn't brilliant, there is a little mothercare and a small mama's and Papa's shop. If you fancy a trip to Sheffield then go to Ankle Biters ( I am a little bit biased as my little sis works there but it is a brilliant shop. They have a huge range of pushchairs and will give you really good honest advice about wether they will suit you or not. The manager has two small boys and he really knows his stuff.
  • Thanks Bedhead - this is the sort of 'inside information' I need.
  • Hi - there is a place called Baby Equipment Complete in Pailton near Rugby, Warwickshire. The website is They have everything from prams (a massive choice) to nursery furniture to toys and bottles etc. Its really cheap so well worth a vist if its near you, alternatively, I think you can buy online.
  • Thanks ladies. Keep em coming. We've got lots of weekends of shopping ahead!
  • Yep Shanna, The baby farm in pailton is great, i went there for the first time last weekend and its got loads, think i will be making a few trips in the near future! x
  • Hi Julie

    Merryhill has a Mothercare World and Toys'r'us has a reasonable baby section. There aren't really any other shops inside Merryhill that are specifically for babies - it's a bit disappointing really.

    Happy Shopping, Denise xx
  • There is a place called Yew's Farm,in Rugby, Warks. have heard great things about it (think its also called baby equipment centre and someone else has alreday referred to it! whoops.

    anyway, we shall probbal be taking a trip over in a few weeks!
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