Hi all its only me again!!!

Just want a bof advice, i have the worst toothache, can i take paracetamol?

amber xx xx :\)


  • meant to say a bit!
  • You should be ok to take paracetamol... last year i had an absess on my tooth (was 8 weeks pg) and all i could take was paracetamol and clove oil, which you dab on the tooth, it makes it go numbish for a little while but it stinks.... the smell now just reminds me of that awful pain. Hope your tooth ache goes away... try a warm hot water bottle on the side of your face where it hurts? x
  • Hiya, my husband has had me gargling whiskey and spitting it out!! lol.
    Will put my heat bag on it tonight i think. I hate having toothache. Have taken one paracetamol earlier which took it away a bit, just worried to take anymore.
  • Paracetamol are fine chick as long as you stick to the reccomended dose on the packet. Don't take asprin or ibuprofen though as they are a no no whilst pregnant. Hope it stops hurting soon xx
  • Hello everyone!
    Well ive been in absoulute agony all night! had my heat bag on it and at one point i was in tears, going to phone dentist in a min, hope they can take me. Do you have to pay for dentists when pg?
  • thankyou x i just cant get through now!!!
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