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  • Hi Mummies,
    Just thought id post and tell u all how excited i am that today is my last shift in work until April 2009, horray! I start at 16.30 and dnt finish till 10.00 tomorow morning so it will probably drag but the end is near. Cnt believe everthing is moving so fast, my mat leave doesn't official start until 9th June but im taking next week off as Annual Leave. I wonder how long it will be before the bordem sets in, lol its just hitting me though that i will have a baby at some-point within the next 5-7wks depending on how stuborn it decides to be. Is anyone else feeling excited that their mat leave will soon be starting or are u dreading spending the next few weeks with nothing to do but think about the scary birth, lol. Kerry xxx

  • I am counting down at work already and I dont finish til end of August, lol. Enjuoy!
  • hi kerrie! that is fantastic news that you finish today - i'm horrified at your length of shift though- 17hrs? i'm not suprised you desprate to finish. dont worry about being bored either - take the time now, cos you wont get it after!! read, internet, shop / window shop, big clean (if you can be bothered with this of course!!), pampering etc. if you ever have a second, you wont get it either, cos you'll still have the other!
    on the other hand, if you want to look after my 3........!! only joking, the 2 eldest are back at school next week!
    i hope all goes well with labour & delivery for you!!
  • Cheers ollier2001, talking about looking after other children iv still got my toddler running my ragged so i dnt think ill be that bored, lol. The shift is pretty long but i get to sleep between 12.00am and 6.00am so i suppose its not that bad really, doesnt matter anyway coz its my last one, ha ha ha Kerry xxx
  • I am due Saturday and have been off since 23 April. It has been fab, just being able to organise some stuff, have some lunches, sleep whenever I like. Don't worry about being bored, just enjoy it!
  • I am so jealous Kerry - I have another 3 weeks to go although I am now only doing 4 days a week! I will have 3 weeks at home before my due date and am terrified of being bored! Even so am desperate to finish and my job sounds much easier than those long shifts!

    Enjoy your time off !

  • yay!!
    Ive been off for 3 weeks now was meant to officially leave tomorrow i worried i was going to get bored but you dont!!!

    I seem to have so much to do but everything takes a lot longer, you can sleep when you want, get up when you want, and totally focus on your baby!!

    Its fab!!!! xxxx
  • YEY enjoy yourself kerry, I am sure you wont get time to be board.

    I have another 4 weeks left at work and baby due in 7weeks 5 days. I am already starting to get excited though especially as we are almost in June and I can then say my baby is due next month! not long now!
  • Bet your excited Kerry! Thats a long shift mind, make sure you get a good sleep! I have been finished for nearly 2 weeks now and loving every minute of it so far. Not been bored at all. Got the house cleaned from top to bottom and all the baby stuff sorted and I am having a few lazy days too so its perfect! Enjoy!!! Tammi xxx

  • i had my last shift yesterday! all colleagues held a surprise baby shower for me and i received loads of wonderful thiings for baby and me...and a lovely cake!it was very overwhelming!i now have approx 5-7 weeks before baby (or 4 weeks if i decide against a VBAC-another story..!!!) and i have to admit i am wondering if i will get bored, lonely etc.....i am relieved to finish though as it was getting exhausting!!!
  • Hi everyone,
    I can't believe that I finish work in 10 weeks, it has gone so so what have people been doing on their weeks off? I don't think I will get bored!!!!
    Han and bump 24+4 xxxx
  • Congrats on your last shift.
    Im having mixed opinions on mine, I dont leave for another 6 weeks yet-but I dont wanna leave too soon-I dont want boredom to kick in and although I am really looking forward to leaving (One step closer to having my little one) I think ill miss it as well, I really like where Im working. Im sure you'll find pleanty to do though hun xxxx;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • I'm definitely counting down the days! 6 1/2 to go! I finish next Friday and don't go back to work until April 2009 - yay!! I do wonder if I'll get bored but I'm hopnig the weather will be nice so I can relax in the garden and enjoy the calm before the storm, ha ha!! xxxx

  • Due to my work messing me around and the extra stress of that and SPD i am starting my maternity leave on 1st July. Il be 32 weeks gone.

    May not have a job to come back to though.... image xxx
  • Yeah, shift over im finally done. Im kinda giddy like a lil kid and dnt really know wat to do with myself now. Iv just watched Dora the Explorer for an hour and a half with Rhys and now he's gone for a nap i feel like i shud be doing something, lol. Kerry xxx

  • Hi kerry i bet your pleased thats finished with, you wont get time to get bored with rhys runnin riot lol enjoy the time while hes asleep put your feet up have a cuppa lol

    this has been a hectic week for me with ellie being of school and leo runnin riot but shes back on monday but then its only 6 weeks til summer hols aaarrrgggg all i can say is thank god for mothers lol

    did you go and see that house? was it any good?
    vikki xx
  • The visit fell through i was so upset but it is been re-arranged for one day next week, so i really will be pushing it if the move does go ahead. Kitchen and bathroom nearly done here though and the builders should be out for wednesday next (fingers crossed). xxx

  • Whoop whoop (does a little dance) in celebration of no more work till next year for Kerry!

    You lucky lady 4 more weeks today for me BOOOO!

    Joanna 32+3
  • Hey jmp these next four weeks will fly by, it doesn't seem like 5mins ago i was posting that i had 10wks left until my mat leave started. I seem to have blinked and missed the past two months of my life. Kerry xxx

  • Oh kerry I am jelous now I want to blink and miss the next 2 months wake up and be a size 10 again with a beautiful baby!!! Oh and have Pamela Anderson boobs too whilst i'm dreaming!
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