2nd time bumps????

Hi ladies

Just wondered if you have or had a bigger bump second time round? I'm expanding at a rapid rate lol
My work uniform is now a size 16 from a size 12 and im only 21+6, my shirt is usually really lose fitting aswell but have to have that size cause im quite large chested.

I was really shocked cause i wore a wrap over dress when i was 25 weeks pregnant with my son,to my mother in laws 50th birthday party. I decided to try it on the other day and it wouldnt even wrap half way round and im 3 weeks less!

I'm gettting worried now that im going to give birth to a hippo!!!!!



  • my bumps bit smaller this time its all out front im havin a boy this time ive only put on just over 2stone but with my 1st preg i put weight on everywhere i pt on nearly 4stone image i went from a 6-8 to a 10-12 but this time im really pleased im still in 8-10 clothes yay!! only got 34days until my babies birth.
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  • I had a boy first time round and im expecting a little girl this time so that might have something to do with it.
    I'm the same weight i was when i got pregnant last time and have only put on a few pounds so far its all in my bump. I'm still wearing my size 10 pants so thats not too bad. I was actually lost half a stone throughout my first pregnancy. i was 9st 7 the day i found out i was expecting, 10st the day i had him and 9 st the day after so hopefully things will do the same this time. Dont know how though cause i couldnt stop eating through out either pregnancy!

    Anyway not long now till your little ones arrival, are you all sorted?

  • Hi don't worry. It's normal for some women to show quicker with second or third pregnancies.

    With my second i popped out quite early. I'm now 14 weeks pregnant with number 3 and already look about 26 weeks pregnant.!! Scary really. But hey, they say as your body has done it before the muscles don't need streching!!!!
  • oh thats gud then not too bad yer ive got all bump and have'nt put weight on much newhere else image i hope i loose bout stone or soo after ive had the baby cos thatll b gud.i was 6st11lb wen i was 8wks preg and wen i weighed myself wen i was bout 29/30wk i was 8stn11 i have'nt weighed myself since.i cnt wait to have him i really wanna meet him now lol 5wks seems ages image my cousin had her 1st baby on the 12th a lil boy called ashton weighed 6lb bless him he was only 2days late.ive got all my hosp bag packed thats gd ill prob keep reaarrangin it lol.whens ur baby due?
  • God your tiny! I'm due on the 19th July so quite away to go yet although it seems to be flying by, life seems to be moving at a million miles an hour lately!

    I know what you mean about your hospital bag, i must have repacked mine a hundred times when i was having are Logan. Have you thought of any names yet?

    The last few weeks always seem to take ages dont they? its the anticipation of meeting ypur little one that does it. I bet time will stand still for me when i go on maternity leave, still got a while yet though.

  • LILO

    Congratulations on baby number 3 and thanks for the advice. I actually love having a big bump but hate the thought of having a big baby!

    Can i just ask was your second labour easy than your first adn was it quicker, i had a really long labour first time round and would love a shorter one this time

  • awww thanx lol cnt wait to get my old body back again and have my lil baby son in my arms im thinkin of calling him Eli Rhys Michael James hes havin 3 middle names i could'nt decide between the michael n james so i thought y not have both james is a family name and michael is the dads name.
    abbie,hope,bluebump 35+1
  • Hi im on baby number 2 another girl and im much bigger this time although ive lost nearly 2 stone ive got a huge bump just lost the weight from everywhere else which im not complaining about make the most of it i would u can show it off a bit longer i started showing about 12 weeks so have been showing off my bump since good luck with ur preg Sophie 33+3 xx


  • Abbie

    Im liking your names, i wish i could come up with that many nmaes lol im struggling to find one for my daughter.
    My brother is called Michael James and hes like my best friend so think you have chosen well.
    I'm really excited for you now, ive still got 127 days left, so 34 seems like a life time away.


    Thanks for your advice, dont worry i am proudly showing off my bump to everyone who will look lol, i think it helps as well cause i work in a restaurant and im sure people have been giving me more tips since my bump came more obvious! So advantages all round! lol
  • i am on baby no 2 and am alot bigger this time,dunno if its cause im having a boy this time,
    my bump was smaller but filled out everywhere else last time, where as this time i am all bump alot bigger but not put on waight enywhere else.
    iv got 26 days left so dont think i will get much bigger, lol


  • i am like that this time 2!with my daughter i put on 4 1/2 stone and the weight went all over really whereas this time its all bump.I am having another girl so dnt think its true bout the old wives tails of how u carry depends on the sex i reckon its prob just different 4 each pregnancy!
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