I caved in and used my clearblue digi early....



Now... you know i am a bit of a worrier LOL and I have used one of those conception indicator ones. I am 13dpo and it says I am 1-2 weeks past ovulation..... that is right isnt it? :roll:

I am 4+1 today and was kinda expecting it to say 2-3 weeks... anyone clued up on these?

I have also done a tesco and boots one today and both bfp image

Thanks for readin!



  • yey have been following your posts the past few days and am so chuffed its a definate BFP!!!!
    thats lovely news. i have no idea about DPO or how many weeks pregnant you are- it doesnt matter your pregnant so stop worrying!!!


  • congratulations. :\)
  • Congratulations xx If you look at the instructions it tells you how many 'real' weeks it makes you -but it sounds right to me!! If you are only 13 DPO on a 14 day luteal phase and regular 28 day cycle then that would make you 3+6 I think? But it says 1-2 weeks since conception and according to your DPO you are 1 day under 2 weeks - so perfectly correct!!

    As the others have said - you are pregnant so it doesn't matter lol xx
  • Oh thanks ladies!!! image

    Can't stop smiling!!!!


    Immense - my last AF was 14th Sept and i ovulated on CD17.... now on CD30 so to speak so that's how i worked my dates out.. i may be wrong thought it's blooming confusing!!

  • Congratulations!!!


  • Massive congratulations hunimage
  • Congratulations!!!!

  • oh yay! a huge congratulations to you and your oh

    hannah 14+2 xxx
  • congratulations hun!

    did you use FMU? (just checking). i may be wrong but i'm pretty sure you need to use FMU for the greatest accuracy with these new CBDs. that's what i've been using anyway!

    i wouldn't worry about it too much though - do one in a few more days and hopefully it will change image

    congrats hun! xxx
  • Oh wow!! Congrats!!
    You must be sooo chuffed, i remember the feeling well!

    Good luck for the next 9 months xx
    Sharon x

  • Woohoo- congratulations!! image xx
  • Ladydonut, mine says preg 1-2 weeks but i'm on cd 36. bit worried about that but no more bleeding so far. am going to do another digital later in the week though. I haven't got a clue when i'm due! x
  • massive congratulations hunni. Heres to a happy and healthy 9 months for you!!!! image

    Suzi 20+6 xxx
  • Congratulations!

    Would agree with immense that as you are only 13dpo (now 14) the reading is correct.

    I used these once a week to watch the indicator change so if you use another one in a couple of days you should get your 2-3 reading!

    Make sure you take a photo though as they don't last long :roll:

    Goonie 9+4 x

  • ladydonut - YAY!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so utterly fantastically stupendously happy for you!!!

  • yay for you. sound like the cbd is right. 1-2 weeks would put you at about 13dpo. Try not to worry hun, its hard i know esp in early days. Take care of yourself. Sending sticky babydust just in case
    Filo x
  • Yay, congratulations hunni & welcome to the forum xxx


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