Fat Boy Bean Bag - for nursing?

Hi all

Hubby is desperate to buy one of these and is saying that I could possibly use it to nurse Angus. Does anyone have one and can offer an opinion on whether its suitable or not? I don't mind him getting one if he wants it for him etc. I think he is using the nursing chair reason to persuade me!!!

Joo xxx



  • As an experienced :lol: bfeeder, it would be rubbish!! It looks to me like it is too low down to be able to get in and out of easily, ideally you want something with a fairly straight back that you can get your feet flat on the floor comfortably. Arms are a good idea as well as when lo gets bigger they get VERY heavy to support yourself while feeding.
    Hope that helps, I think you need to do a deal, he gets the Fatboy, you get a gliding nursing chair :lol:
  • I dont have one of these but i have a budda bag which is quite similar. I personally find it really difficult to feed lo on it as there is not that much support. Although it is great to lounge on so would recommend it!

    In the nursery we have a chair from ikea and i got a nursing pillow.
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