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Hi, I was just wondering how you got on today at your scan.

I hope it went well and I'll be thinking of you. Take care.

Emma x x


  • hello, thanks for asking.
    I had an abdominal scan and they saw a heartbeat, by the size I am 6 weeks and 3 days.
  • Hi n, I don't really know much about why you had an early scan but im glad it went well. I had 1 yesterday where they saw heartbeat and i too am around 6wks. Still finding it hard to feel positive tho. How are you feeling? x
  • Hi,

    I'm so pleased for you. Make sure you take things easy.

    Take care.

    Emma x x
  • thanks emmaj31. I am going to take everything easy, i am really playing on it with the oh and making him do everything.

    Funkymonkey... I had very severe stomach pains so had a scan 2 weeks ago and they couldnt see anything so had to go back 2 weeks later (yesterday). This time they saw a little flicker of a heartbeat. So I am about the same as you then. I havent got another scan booked, i jusy have my midwife appt in 3 weeks and then my 12 week scan will be about 2-3 weeks after that.

    I am a little nervous, but think everyone is like that in the early stages especially as this is my 1st pregnancy so not sure whats normal or not. I am just trying not to worry or stress about anything now as thats not good for me or the little prawn in my tummy. Everything happens for a reason and my family have had a pretty awful and rough few years so I think 2008 is the year for us so am feeling positive.

    I dont feel preg tho. I have been having lots of cum and sore boobs but no sickness yet.

    How are you funkymonkey??????
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