anyone from north wales?

hi just wondering if anyone else is from north wales on here? i live in flintshire and will be giving birth in glan clwyd hospital


  • Hi,

    I live in Bethesda,its near Bangor in Gwynedd. I will be having my little girl in Ysbyty Gwynedd. I am 26+5.

    When are you due?

    kerry xxx
  • hi kerry, im due 7th aug. having a little boy who weve called mason
  • Congratulations.

    This is my third, we named them before they were born, but this time we are really struggling. There are just so many girls names we really like.

    Is this your first? Really like the name mason.

    kerry xxx
  • congratulations to you too!
    yeh hes my 1st, we chose mason pretty much from day one! if i was having a girl i would of named her amber nicole.
    your right theres lots of lovely names for girls. do you have any in mind? what kind of names do you like? traditional, modern, unique?
    it took me untill 20 weeks to pick a girls name then we found out he was a boy! xx
  • Thank you.

    Yeah we like Tamzin, Maddison, Paige, Scarlett,Neve,Gypsy,Rose,Bobbie and Jade.

    I did the same, we chose Ryan for a boy 2 weeks before the 20 week scan.

    Hows your pregnancy going?

    Kerry xxx
  • not been the best tbh, have had sickness since 12 weeks and have lost alot of weight and really feel weak image
    cant wait till hes here and i can tuck into my dinners again lol
    other than that had no major probs and hes happy kicking away today! how about you?
    bobbie is soo cute, we like jade also but settled on amber and loved amber jade but then realised they were both colours!
    shaz xx
  • I have beeb quite lucky, didnt really get morning sickness. Every thing was going great untill last week when i started getting contractions really bad. Been told not to expect to go the full 40 weeks, so getting a little nervouse now,even though its my third.

    I really like Bobbie too, its different. But I am so indesisive.

    Kerry xxx
  • Hi, i'm from Wrexham but used to live in Colwyn Bay. I had 2 of my babies in that hospital. Where about are you from then? xx
  • hi i'm from prestatyn and i'l be having my bub in Glan Clwyd can i just ask you how many weeks you were when you first saw your mw?
    i'm very very unsure of dates and my doc just presumed i was 8 weeks and told me just to ring back in 4 wks to book app with mw. is that what they do here because when i had my daughter i lived in manchester and saw mw at 5 wks.
    not sure if to go back or not? any help would be great
    x x x x
  • hi,
    bubbynumber2- i live not far from you in holywell, i went my docs at around 4-6 weeks preg and was booked in for mw following week. ive seen her every 4 weeks since then.
    think thats a bit long 4 weeks to ring back! id make an appointment with her via receptionist or ring mw for a date sooner hun. have you heard anything about g.clwyd not having any room and sending ladies elsewhere when in labour? i have and its really worring me!!

    mich+4+3+1- im from greenfield by holywell. how did you find glan clwyd? i havent been for a nosey on the mat ward yet as im only 26 weeks

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