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Early 8 week scan - have you had one? Have you got pictures?

Hi everyone , I’ve booked a private early scan I will be 8 weeks 3 days by my calculations 🙈.... have any of you had one ? I don’t really know what to expect, any photos of your lovely babies to give me an idea? guessing this will be external aswell? 

Thanks in advance :) 


  • Hi Mel, my 8 weeks scan was transvaginal. I don't have picture but my baby looked more like baby alien than actual human baby :) Main thing you will see is heartbeat and the size of  baby :) If you have a chance get transvaginal, you will see more.

  • Hi, not alot a that stage generally yok sac and heart beat with a tiny bean of a baby.. 

  • Just usually a heart beat and sac 

  • I had one at 7+3 due to a previous mc, was good to know everything was progressing but couldnt see a baby just a blob. Saw the heartbeat tho. Went for another at 10+4 and looked a lot more like a baby  

    Pic below is the 7 week scan


  • And mine was internal too. But external at 10 weeks

  • Hi Mel,

    I had an early scan yesterday (8+6 but measuring 8+4) saw what looked likelittle jelly bean but the sonographer explaInes what everything was! image

  • Thank you for the reply’s! Lovely scan pics tulip05 & Brooke’s! Can’t wait Saturday can’t come quick enough :) will update! Xx 

  • imageI had the scan today, my little jelly bean is all healthy! had External scan. Thanks for all your replies ladies x 

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