Self referal EPU

Ok as in my other thread MW was poo today, anything that can show up in your wee did, so I had a little flip flap and was upset.

Anyhows I got home and midwife called on house phone and said, if I am really worried and still have cramps then I can go to St Georges Hospital in the morning as they have a self referal unit where you can pop along and get a reassurance scan.

Has anyone else heard of one of these, self referal EPU's? dont want to troop there and then get sent away xxx


  • Why don't you give them a ring, explain what your midwife has said and then they will tell when ia best to come in.
  • They are only open from 08:30 until 11:00 - however this is interesting website for people worried in first trimester, tells you all the EPU's near you.......I guess I am going to have to go at 08:30 and hope for the best.
  • I went to our local EPU at 6+5 after I experienced some bleeding. You don't need an appt or a referral and it is open every morning for an hour! Its a fantastic facility and as yours has better hours if you're worried I would go along. Good luck x
  • Thanks Goonie, I think I will. I started a new job role today at work, same place, different department, I had to take a half day die to MW app and now will be going in late tomorrow, I had a mini panic saying to OH I cant take the time off, but he said 'whats more important' - why is it we feel a loyalty to our work sometimes etc when they dont feel that loyal to me with my maternity package I think I am going to go for the first appointment x
  • I was off all last week poorly and felt really guilty so much so I was nervous going back today! Bumps come first though and it will be worth it if its puts your mind at ease!

    Bec 28+3 x
  • hope all goes well hun,just wanted 2 say if its anything like our epu be prepared to be waiting around for a while! i was there 3 hrs last time i went! lol xxx

  • St Georges's epu is like a walk in clinic. Its almost like 1st come first serve so the earlier you get there the quicker you will be seen. I went there twice in november when I miscarried and they are very nice. They will most likely give you a trans-vaginal is you are under 11 weeks but it doesnt hurt. I know, I had to have 3!!!

    Good luck and hope all is well x
  • Oh thanks girls, it opens at 08:30 and I plan on getting there for then - I will keep you'll posted x
  • St Georges is the hospital I go to and had soem scans at the EPU although I was referred. My doc did mention that if I had any probs could go there but to get there early.
    good luck tmrw hon am sure everything is fine (if ur still there at 2pm I will be there having my 22 week scan!)
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