pins and needles

anyone else suffering lots of pins and needles?


  • im 18+2 and im suffering with dead legs. it gets worse at night and when i am sitting.
    the dr said i could take paracetamol but other than that there is nothing else i can do, it is just one of those 'pregnancy' things and it could get better or get worse and last until the time the baby is born!!!
  • i get pins n needles in one arm in bed...strangly enough it ISNT the arm im lying on, which would make more sense???

    K 26+5

  • I get pins and needles alot too, just like you mrscox - usually not in the arm I'm lying on!

    29 weeks today x
  • Hi,

    I'm not saying any of you lovely ladies have this but have you heard of carpal tunnel syndrome. I know it causes pins and needles, numbness and burning in the hand, fingers, forearm and sometimes upper arm. Think i read that pregnancy can sometimes trigger this among other things as well . It's a fairly common condition. I know my mum ended up getting it in both her hands. Its caused by too much pressure on a nerve in the wrist


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