Dates confusing at ultrasounds?!

Hi everyone,

so I just wanted to see if anyone could maybe shine some light on something. I fell Pregnant and due to previous miscarriages I had a private scan at around 8 weeks. By the dates of my last period I would be exactly 8w2days. Had the scan and surely enough I was exactly that. Anyways at 11w3day I had awful cramps and really wanted to know everything was ok so again went for a private scan. They was adamant I was 12w2days! I said no way I’m 11w2days. Says theyre completely positive I am over 12 weeks. How is this possible?!? How can I measure exactly what I was at 8w2d and then exactly 3 weeks a day later at what I should have been 11w2 be 12w2???? 

  have my nhs free one on Wednesday so interested to see what he/she measures but can anyone maybe help me out here? 

Thanks a bunch x


  • I always took measurements with a pinch of salt to be honest! I know so many people who were told later on they had a big/small baby and then it was the opposite when they were born! I think they struggle to get an exact measurement using a scan. See what nhs scan says and let them know you've had conflicting info :)

  • I wouldnt worry. U measured a week further gone than what I shud of been x it may be that u ovukated early as well xx

  • Its mainly because I want to know for my bump pictures/pregnancy book. Would like to know if I’m looking at 12 week or 13 haha x

  • All dates are approximate anyway. I doubt anyone would know the exact date they conceived, as conception times are different to each woman. That's why they always count your EDD from the first day of your last period and give you 10-14 days over your due date. I doubt there will be much difference between 12 &13 week bumps? I think if you're worried about something you should talk to someone. 

  • I’m not worried lol would just like to know how many weeks I am for when I’m posting pics to my family I can say I’m 12 or 13 weeks. Surely I’m not crazy for wanting to know that lol x

  • Go by what your NHS dating scan says. Early on the dates aren’t as accurate with measuring hence why we wait until roughly 12 weeks for dating scan. When you ovulate, concieve and implant all effect your estimated due date and thus how many weeks you are. 

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