Im sorry to put this on here as know it is a bit of an odd thread but am just so confused about what, if any entitlements myself and my husband are entitled to once baby is born.

I know i am entitled to the Health in Preg grant and have sent the application form off for that.

Im just really confused over working tax/child benefit and would love some advice.

Currently my hubby and I earn over ??58k. I am intending to take 9 months off when the baby is born, i get 6 weeks at 90% pay, then 12 weeks at half pay + SMP then for the remaining 21 weeks i get flat rate SMP. Does that mean that we are not entitled to working tax credit?

Does everyone get child benefit? Approx ??20 a week if i am correct?

Sorry for all the questions but iam totally confused. Also does anyone know if i need to do anything before he`s born or do i just wait until hes here then fill in forms



  • Hi, i think the threshold for tax credits is ??65k so you may be entitled to a little money there. Child benefit is paid to everyone at ??20 per week, you get the form for this in with your bounty pack that the hospital give you after the birth once you have sent that off and recieved your letter back you can then apply for tax credits. hope that helped a little image

    Hannah 35+4 xxx
  • forgot to say... www.entitledto.co.uk will also help xx
  • Hi Hannah

    Thanks for the info, i`ll have a good look at those websites too. Its just so confusing trying to work out what you`re entitled to isnt it!

    thanks again
    Katy x
  • I am confused to, me and hubbiw earn around 23k a yr if lucky, with current recession he has been made redundant a few times since christmas and now on temp work for mxt 4 weeks.
    My wage is low as work in a school part time, what would we be entitled to?????
    my smp is 90% for 6 weeks, then half and smp....so i really dont know how else we are going to cope, im gettting very worried expecially because of the downturn in work at the mo.

    how do i go about it all?????
    thanks 20+1
  • if those sites arent very helpful to you, then your local cab can help along with the job centre xx
  • Ive just done the Inland Revenue link - it was really easy to use - sadly for me it said we get no working tax payments although it said it was worth filling in the forms anyway for the future. I think maybe i should get something next year as our joint earnings will go right down as i will be on ML etc.

    Even so the ??20 or so child benefit we`ll get will always help. Plus theres the ??190 grant which is a bonus.

    Mokoso - try the links Hannah posted, theyre really easy to use and give you an answer quite quickly as to what you can expect to receive.

  • Ive been told they work out yr entitlement on yr last years earnings so to start with dont think you get much in tax cred as it will be worked out on when you were getting full wage! i might be wrong but sure thats what i as told
  • Yeh i think you`re right Nic, cos mines come back with nothing. It seems a shame that when you need it the most and are taking quite a big pay cut you can`t claim. Altho i do understand they need to base it on something and eventually we should see a bit of an increase
  • I have just follwed the link and it says we may qualift for ??75 is that per week or a one off payment it does not say. Hubby is the only one working, help.


  • if you earn over 16k you wont be entitled to any Working TCs, but you will all get Child TCs, roughly about ??1000 of them as you will have a baby under 1. After that you get the amount of CTC you are eligable for, but if you earn over 16k again it will be the basic rate of CTC (we get the basic rate of it and we earn 20k between us) The cut off for any payment is about ??55k, after that you dont get anything (I think)

    the tax credit calculator always tells me we're entitled to less than we actually get, so I personally dont find them that useful...

    our Tcs didnt go up even when I went on mat leave. I am now earning LESS than SMP/Mat allowance as my maternity pay, and would dearly love to be givn the ??118 a week you will all get! In fact, I earnt less than SMP before I went on mat leave!

    If you're in doubt, apply for it anyway and you might get it.

    Everyone gets the CB of ??20 a week, though its paid monthly/4 weekly.

  • Every ??100 a week of mat pay does not count as earnings, it says in a small box on the tax credits site. not sure if you know that already or not xx
  • I've just gone on the site and it says i'm only entitled to ??30 per week, which seems very low as i am disabled and therefore unable to work? anyone know why this is or in same position?
  • U wont get extra tax credit for being disabled unless you (the disabled person) are working over 16 hours a week. I used to get that before i had my daughter.
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