worms :( sorry way tmi!

Has anyone else had these or is it just me? im so embarrassed to speak to anyone about it and ive only just plucked up the courage to write this.
They seem to be really bad of an evening and i just cant stop itching and scratching at my bumhole which then makes it worse. and when i wipe when i go to the toilet i can see them all on the paper, i was completely horrified by it all.
Is there anything that i can use which is safe? or am i going to have to go to the doctors...if i do go doctors, then will they want to see as im not sure i could bare to show them.

Thanks for reading and sorry about the details xx


  • Hi there,

    Poor you! :\( Please don't be embarrassed though, it's just one of those things. I think you would have to go to the doctors, although you could try asking a pharmacist- or calling NHS Direct to see what treatment you'd need, if you don't want to start off face to face, just tell them you're pregnant so they can advise you safely. I don't know if you could get treatment over the counter- maybe you can, see what NHS Direct say. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have to show a dr anything if you had to go to them, you'd just need to describe what you saw so they could tell what type of worm it is. Please do talk to someone- I know it's awkward, but you will need treatment to clear this up.

    Remember, worms are v common, nothing to be ashamed of.

    I hope you get it sorted v soon xx
  • I had these a long time ago for ages as I couldn't pluck up the courage to go to the dr. Eventually I did and was so pleased. She prescribed some powder-something like pripsin/prepsin??? that you mixed with water and then repeated a couple of weeks later and it did the trick and was well worth the embarassment.Whether you can have it whilst pg I don't know but I think little kids can take it. Bite the bullet-they won't want to see them and at least you can kill the blighters off. Good luck.xxx
  • Also you could ask at a pharmacy or chemist as they are well trained and knowledgeable. My daughter had Pripsen tabs when she had worms
  • Oh Hun you poor thing, I can totally sympathise with you as I had them years ago but the powder thing didnt work for me but they also sold over the counter a tablet which did the trick straight away.

    If I were you i would pop into a chemist and ask.

    They are alot more common than you think but not nice at all.

  • Dont feel embaressed hun it a natural thing my 2 los had them a little while back and you can get over the counter perscription from tescos pharmacy and they are safe for pregnant women to use also as i asked incase i had them but managed to get myself off t the doc who wasnt phased one little bit(by the way i was lucky i didnt catch them but they are highly contagious)!Hope you get some relief soon.
  • awww hun my lo add month ago and gave whole famliy some stuff to take with and 2 weeks after dont if take y preg so have ask dr
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