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Help with pregnancy test please!!


so I took  pregnancy test yesterday and I accidentally flooded it but seeing on it too much. The test took a while to go clear but once it did clear there was a faint line exactly where the positive line would be. I took another test today and a second line appeared within 5 minutes. However I have noticed there looks like there are two faints lines and now I’m wondering whether I am pregnant or whether i have used a faulty test. I don’t want to retest until tomorrow now as the lines are so faint I don’t think it would be picked up in dilate urine! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks 


  • The line is very faint so sorry if you can’t see. He’s another pic once the test dried out image

  • Hi Paige124 I can't see it sorry but it could just be because it is so faint. Test again in a couple of days if you are your line should be darker xx

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