suprise for hubby...

dear ladies,

please help! its my oh's bday in a couple of weeks and I want to give him a suprise - a trip away i think but i am 27 weeks pregnant so not too far away.

i just can't get inspired, it could be uk or a not too far flight... he loves food and we've been through abit of a rough patch recently so i wnat tor eassure him that just because the baby is coming our life isn't over!

please help... em xxxx


  • I LOVE paris its my fave, not a long flight and fab food (in my opinion) also Dublin is great although prob best if you can drink when you go there?

    Oh and Sweeden is beautiful this time of year.

    I want to be your other half, I want to go away image

    Joanna 30weeks 6days
  • Veince? Would be very tricky with a pushchair so maybe now would be a good time. Or else some where in the UK that has a reallg good restaurant. Where abouts do you live?
  • Our friends are really into food and he is a big cook, they have been on breaks where you can get to eat at some top chef's restaurant and also have a bit of a cooking lesson, like river cottage
  • How about center parks? Not really about cooking but its great fun.
  • ooh i went to centerparks a couple of weeks ago and it was great, nice spa there for some treatments (they do a mum-to- be one!) and lots of lovely restaurants. great fun.

  • thank you ladies... so many good ideas, we live in London so get a good range of amazing restaurants though obviously we can't afford to eat at them very often... but am loving the idea of Venice or Paris...
    am on the case. thank you!!
  • How about a trip to Edinburgh ? Lovely old city with loads to do and see. Great restraurants and shopping. You can get Easy Jet from Luton, Stanstead or Gatwick. I live in Edinburgh so am happy to recommend nice hotels and restaurants. S x
  • You could always go to Paris by Eurostar. Its about a 2hr journey and no flying involved! Its also a great place for food and romance!!
  • If you live in London what about the Yorkshire Dales? There are some lovely pubs/hotels up here, some with fabulous resturants, and it would be very different from home.
  • hmm... paris by eurostar, edinburgh yorkshire dales, so many options... think price might be a good decider...

    nice to think there are so many options though!
  • Hi,
    I went to Paris by Eurostar last weekend. Went on Sat Morning and came back on Sunday eve. It cost ??120pp for eurostar & accommodation. Food was quite reasonably priced and I obviouslt saved money by having no alcohol!!!!x
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