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  • Hi
    Well they say things come in three's! well it has done today, what with you caza and myself!
    My advice is, get yourself onto the council waiting list as it can take up to a year plus to get a flat/house. findout who are the housing assisates in your area and get reg with them, again takes time for things to move forward.
    Dont let him walk all over you. It is ham hard to walk away and been on your own, but if that is how you feel and what is best for you then you should do it.
    It also sounds as if your OH's ex is the green eyed monster and just wants to cause trouble.
    As for bed time - try Ann Summers lol.
    you know where we are
    keep your chin up
  • Am here babe!
    There is no harm in giving him a chance but to get on the council list as a back-up.
    All men can be thoughtless arseholes sometimes - have had row with hubby over it this afternoon but thats a different story!
    Anyway, personally I think his ex is a sly bitch and will do anything to split you up. As I said to you before - why would you have a telephone ready to record a normal conversation? I might be wrong - I dont know him/her but I do think she has led him into a conversation and only sent you bits that would upset you. There is a pretty good chance he was telling you the truth when he told you the context it was said in. The thing you have got to decide for yourself is - can you put up with the shit from her forever? I know it is not his fault that he has a psycho-ex but you really have to think about you and the baby. Will she get worse when the baby is born? I know you love him and Demi but your peace of mind is what is important in the long run babe.
    Will be around later if you need me, take care babe, Love Lee xxxxx
  • thanks for the advice. have appiontment next week with council to see if i am in priority group???
    apparently you need to be on drugs, pregnant or under 18 to be considered priority. so i should be.

    jason knows i have the appoinment, im making sure he knows that im making other plans, that way he knows im being serious.

    the really sad thing is tomorrow is our anniversary of when we got together, and i just know he his going to forget or the day will be ruined by her. Im leaving my phone off tomorrow all day, ill be at home so doc / other important people can contact me there. i dont want to hear her voice or txt.

    i hope he doesnt forget or it will mean i feel even worse, especially since all this and i realy need his lov & attention right now, i feel like a doormat, he has a reminder on his phone (yes i put it there, so he has no excuse), and i reminded him on friday night when we had the big talk. so lets just hope for the best.
  • Fingers crossed for you babe xxx
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