those that have just got a BFP.....

do you feel any different? any symptoms? anything?

i dont feel any different....and the paranoia has set in already - lol!

i've had two positive tests, and im a week late so i guess it is true...but just cant get my head around it.

feeling pretty guilty too as i havent given bean the best of starts, a weeks all inclusive holiday involved a lot of drinking, and flying, as well as food poisioning and all the medication i took as well - agggghhh! would just like some symptoms almost for reassurance?!?

anyway hope all you ladies are keeping well....has anyone been/made drs appointment yet?



  • Hi Wilko

    Congrats if i havent said it already!!!

    No i dont feel any different, not sure if its in my head but seem to feel a bit sick when im hungry, which dont normally unless only eaten once that day! Im still getting cramps too, which i hope is normal!!

    I havent made doctors app yet, ive just got to hand in a urine sample which i hope to do today!

    Like you im starting to have doubts whether i am or not coz no symptoms. But i guess once its confirmed by the doc, it will put our minds at rest!!

    Im off on holiday too on thurs, so hope flying doesnt do any damage!! xx
  • hi ladies, i tested positive just over 2 weeks ago and i feel sooo sleepy all the time, i also find myself unexplicabbly weepy even if I am not sad??? got really big sore boobs too (TMI) also got a bulge already, swear I must have my dates wrong, cos I'm a little bit like a whale, thank god I am not sick though.
  • Congratulations to everyone who has just had a bfp! I wouldnt worry too much if you dont have too many "pregnancy symptoms" I didn't have morning sickness or anything in my first 3 months the only thing is I was a little more tired. I didn't actually believe I was pregnant until my 12 week scan.
    Good luck ladys Im sure you will all be fine image xxx
  • Hi Wilko, congratulations! A line's a line, eh!

    I haven't got any symptoms as such, though I've had an occasional ache when I stretch. Also, I nearly fell asleep in the lunchhour just now! But I think that's cos it was a nice warm room and I'm making an effort to relax and take things easy.

    I'm going to appreciate the good times before raging hormones thoimage

  • I found out I was pregnant on 15th November. I go for my first Doctors appointment tomorrow. I just couldn't bring myself to phone them as I didn't believe I was actually pregnant! The only symptoms I have are really tender boobs, nausea which lasts all day and feeling soooo tired I could sleep standing up! I've also started to feel really hungry, all of the time!!

    Symptoms vary so much from person to person so I wouldn't worry if you don't have any yet, that could all change in a week or two!! xxxxxxxx
  • Hi Wilko congrats if I hadn't said so before, i'm losing count of all the bfp's. I have no real symptoms, my boobs are tingling once in a while, going to the loo more often, but not that much, and a few cramps, increase in cm, but that's about it, I don't feel pregnant at all. It's like the complete reverse of the time when I had an mc, back then I knew i was pregnant without having to take a test, the symptoms were so acute. So far i've only felt nausea at one moment on Thursday before i did the test and that's about it.
  • a huge thank you to everyone, as well as massive congratulations on recently getting a BFP!!

    i feel so much better and reassured already...... have bitten the bullet and made a drs appointment for the end of the week...maybe it will sink in a bit more then!!

    i so never expected to feel like this, all this time i thought id be floating on air and instead i feel im in complete denial!!

    sure ill be on here in no time complaining about feeling sick and having sore

    thanks again, take care everyone..... xx
  • I'm new hear - still in shock with my news, two positive tests, went to drs, he did nothing apart from take blood pressure, said ring midwife! is this normal? rang midwife she said she'd see me 10th jan, at eleven weeks...doesn't anyone check anything before then?? i havent got a clue about all off the terminology either...BPF??? and 6+4 or something??? please symptoms are nausea and total lack of reason oh and forgetting things!!!
  • Hi cd1234. Welcome and congrats on your pregnancy! BFP means big fat positive (pregnancy test) and 6+4 means you're 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I think the norm is to have your first check at 11-12 weeks providing you don't have any problems like bleeding etc so don't worry. Good luck xxxxxxxx
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