Urg to wee constantley


Please can someone help me, I am so desperate to wee. I have a constant urg to urinate. I have felt like this all day. My Braxton Hicks started last week and I have been weeing more because of that but today I urinate a small amount and have an urg to push. I must stress that I am going to the toilet every 10 minutes a and urinate everytime.

Do you think this is because of the babies position or maybe an infection?

I am worried it something to do with my waters, I'm only 27weeks pregnant so really don't want to go into premature labour?

Let me know what you think, or please if you have any advise.:?


  • hey there,

    It could be a urine infection or as you say the baby's position. I think you should ring your midwife and speak to her.
    good luck
  • Hi,
    Im in a similar position at the min, but i think its just how baby has positioned itself right on my bladder (and then keeps jumping around on it). Its so annoying coz im in uni and keep aving to walk out of lectures for a wee. Also im suffering with shortness of breathe so running up and down stairs to the toilet every ten mins isnt helping. Oh the joys of pregnancy. If its painful for u tho, id get checked out coz it mite be an infection. Kerry xxx


  • hiya b ive started needing to go wee alot too lately, as it had stopped before its quite irritating its back again. i haven't felt the brixton's kick in yet so i can't mention them but as far as i know the weeing constantly starts happening as the baby grows. Its starts early because the baby is so low, then after LO gets that bit biger further on in pregnancy the need to wee comes back as lo is putting pressure on your insides so you cant hold as much wee as before. well that what my step mum said so i wouldnt worry to much right now b. love sarah xxxxx
  • I'm 32+4 and only had this problem briefly, literally for a day or 2 I would go to the loo every 20 mins and only a tiny bit would come out. It must have been baby's position as it was only for a few days. I would try leaning right forward when you're sitting on the toilet as it apparently lifts the baby's head off your bladder and empties it properly. I find this really works for me. xxxx
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