Headache that doesn't go away!

Hi to all moms out there! I am badly seeking for an advice or any story you can share that will ease my tension and worries about my constant headache! I am 16 weeks pregnant now and suffering from headache (tightness and heavy feeling in the back of my head down to neck and shoulder) for straight two weeks now! I am feeling it from the time I wake up and up to time I will close my eyes to sleep. (All day non-stop). I have tried some natural remedies and took paracetamol too but that didn't help. My OB said it was a tension or stress headache. Is anyone feeling the same? I hope it will go away the soonest! I hope its just really normal and part of pregnancy. Please share yours. Thanks :)


  • I have severe headaches that don’t gonaway and woke up this morning with one. I’ve been taking some paracetamol when they get too bad. had these also with my first girl ... so bad I want to scream plus the sickness .. not good.. 

    get the forehead rub from wilkos £4.50 that helps x 

  • Thank you Carls Ems. Hope we get better and normal soon. Take care! :)

  • I’ve just found out that I’m pregnant, I’m only 6 weeks along. I’ve had a headache now for the past 3 days without relief, and just cannot function normally (how will I work?) ... feels like the headache has it’s own heartbeat. I’ve also been taking paracetamol, but feel really nervous doing so.
    I’m going to try the cold press instead of the heat pack to see if that’ll help, and up my water intake.
    this really feels awful! Sorry to all of those ladies with the same symptoms. It’s hard work making a baby!
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