Nuchal screening showed 1:149 for down syndrome

Going for my harmony test tomorrow as my blood results along with scan showed 1:149 for down syndrome anyone else been through this 


  • Yes hun myself. I didn't have the harmony test, my scan showed a lot of fluid on my baby girls neck * almost 8ml) and so I had the placenta biopsy  done for diagnosis. She did in fact have downs syndrome and structural problems with heart and brain. Xx if I need any more info please message me xxxx

  • Did they tell u what the fluid measured at?  I am now 2:85 chance of having another downs baby but the way I look at it that's 2% chance of downs and 98% chance of a healthy baby. Xx 

  • Hi 

    2.3 but bloods came back from first test saying low in one part which is a indicator 0.4 and high in HCG 1.43 which I have been all the way through 

    Thanks xx

  • Did they mention the fluid at babies neck or were they not too concerned? That's one of the big indicators normally xxx

  • No they didn't but got another scan Thursday I guess to check it all again had the harmony test done and I explained all my worries and asked about my results and what I thought nothing was that low or high I'm just on the borders of everything ....the neck part was the only bit that was classed as normal 

  • I honestly wouldn't worry then hun Im Sure every thing will be fine. If they're remotely concerned they would refer u to a fetal medicine centre and do a better scan and offer u the placenta biopsy for diagnosis xx

  • I am having the scan with fetal medicine today xx

  • Hi hun how did the scan go? Xxx

  • Scan went well everything at this stage looks normal so just waiting for the results now roll on Wednesday taking forever to get there x

  • Hollie thats fantastic news I am so so happy for u as I know all too well how stressful this waiting time can be. That's a good indication that your baby is most likey healthy with no chromazone problems xxx  I remember having the scan and seeing the fluid and I knew in my gut it wasn't right. They dis too and offered  me the placenta biopsy there and then and it's a horrible procedure to go through so I am so so happy that u don't need to have that done xxxx

  • Thank you for all your support hopefully not many more days to wait now and I will know xx

  • No worries at all hun and u must let me know what the outcome is but I only get positive feelings on this. I think all will be fine xxxx

  • I had a call to say all ok and risk has gone to 1:10000

    I know there's a cost to this test if not deemed high risk on the other test but the other test is not good compared to this one and caused worry 

    Finally can enjoy this pregnancy now 

    Thank you for all your support x

  • Aww that's great news so happy x told u  I had a good feeling and will would be ok xxxx

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