Clothing dilemna!

Hi all

What would you do with my little clothing dilemna?

I am going on holiday in two weeks (hurrah!) and need to take with me some cotton type trousers / combats. I think it might be warm enough for shorts but want to take something else as a back-up. Mummy and me are off to Disney! Never been to Orlando in Nov before so have no idea on the weather! My jeans are getting just that little bit too uncomfy now and might be too hot anyway. and my summer cropped trousers and combats don't fit anymore!

Anyway, my dilemna is... I'm not yet at the stage where I need to buy maternity / bump suitable clothes. So do I just get trousers now, in the size I am currently, or go for it and find something suitable to wear when my bump grows. Am 15 weeks now and midwife said my bump might be visible from 18 weeks onwards so not long really.

Perhaps I am better off leaving it until the week before we go???

Joo xxxx
15w today!


  • Hiya, I seen your post from the main page and am sooo jealous yout going to Florida!! I would say wait until the week before you go because I know that I grew a lot in a very short space of time about 16-17 wks and HAD to go into maternity clothes. Have a look for maternity trousers that have buttons on the inside that will grow with your bump. Hope you have a fantasticc holiday xxx
  • Thank you ladies!

    I have just ordered some maternity combats from Simply Be (need plus sized stuff!) and a lovely pink top for work.

    If anything, it'll give me an idea on sizes and that sort of thing as I've not ordered from them in years and also not actually brought myself any new clothes (apart from a few cheap tops!) in YONKS!

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