coronation street

Hi ladies i just watched coronation street was so horrible i did say i wasnt going to watch it but for some reason couldnt help myself poor maria i know its not real but its scary to think things like this actually happen i cant imagine how ladies would feel Sophie 39+6 xx



  • It was awful wasn't it. My husband is working away and had just phoned when it started, he kept saying for me to turn it off before it upset me. It must be one of the worst things to experience.
    Denise xx 21+5
  • Poor Maria,

    It was just so awful and makes you think. I know its not real but it was just a horrible thing to watch.
  • i watched it 2!dnt know y,just had 2!we lost our 1st at 23 wks so my mum kept telling me dnt watch it!lol hanna 36wks xx
  • I watched it too even though I said I wouldn't. It was horrible, can't even begin to imagine what it must feel like.I got a bit paranoid but thankfully felt bump move not long after.

    I do reckon there should be some sort of campaign to get at least one happy, healthy pregnancy and birth into the soaps, they're all doom and gloom!

  • it was awful i was in tears. so very very sad. i was on the phone during the second episode so i didn't get too upset in that one. my heart goes out to anyone who has had to go through that.
  • Dont watch it tomorrow then ladies apparantly its going to be worse as she has to go and give birth to the baby and she gets a poster with baby connor on it with painted hand an foot prints not sure if its true but ive seen it in a magazine somewhere xx

  • i watched it too so sad, i nearly cried. However, in second episode i felt lo move for first time which was so nice. xx
  • mine was kicking the whole way through it!- and for another hour after! she is so active in the evening! but is was upsetting not a good thing for us pg ladies to be watching! xx
  • sbradley thanx 4 the warning!dnt think i'll b watching it 2moz then,itl bring back 2 many memories!cant some1 have a happy pregnancy in these soaps?!! x
  • Lea77, I would agree with that in the majority of cases but if it was as easy as Tanya's in Eastenders when she had her little boy, I would breed a football team! Think she gave birth within minutes, full make-up and barely a sweat! Talk about wishful thinking!!!
  • this happened to my friend almost exactly the same situation but she was 40 weeks so it was hard for me to watch for that reason. its awful im only 6-7 weeks and i cant imagine what it must be like i dont think my friend will ever recover x
  • hi i didnt watch it, began to but turned it over before anthing happened. i usually love the soaps but i wont be watching for a while. didnt want to upset myself.

    becs xxx 26+5wks
  • I chose not to watch it, this happened to my friends sister on her due date two weeks ago. Just awful and so so hearbreaking xx
  • I caught a wee bit of it by accident. I really didn't mean to watch. It was very sad.
    I'm definantly giong out tomorrow night just to make sure I don't watch the next episode. S x
  • Morning ladies, I went out last night so as not to watch it, I'm worried enough at 5 weeks, OH didn't want me getting upseet, worried or stressed. Whilst it is awlful and scary to think about, I do think it's good that soaps tackle these things else they would go un-noticed by people who don't know it does or can happen.


    PS I too hope childbirth is like tanya from eastenders -lolx

  • Jakes mum had a still born at term so I dunno if she watched it but I did give her heads up about it. I had MW this morning and she asked me if I watched it.
    I commented on the fact that Maria was told to go home and she assured me that anyone that this happens to is offered the chance to stay in but most chose not to.

    I think it is good that they are doing this story line tbh.
    It must be hard for Samia Smith though as he mother actually went through it!
  • There's no way I could have watched it, I am scared enough as it is!

    It must be the most devastating thing ever...I never thought about it happening before I came on this site, but it seems it has happened to several of our friends/families. You just naively assume that after the 12 weeks it is all going to be fine.

    Feel really morbid now!!!

  • its good of soaps to bring up issues but at same time it is worrying to watch. it does happen but remember its rare. are due to have baby any day..try not to get morbid. You will be fine. Like i say it does happen but the odds are very high that it wont be any of you.
    I agree that soaps never have happy birth and family life. OK tanya had baby with her knickers on but look at life afterwards..
    d x
  • I didnt watch it, I started to but then my hubby came in and said I wasnt allowed to watch it so he turned it off. Just as well really, it would only make me worry more.
  • I wasnt allowed 2 watch it my partner wouldnt let me as Im scared enough as it is xxx
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