When did you see a bump with a Retroverted Uterus?

I am 17 weeks with a retroverted uterus and desperate to have a little cute bump! :) 

when did others with this issue start to see a bump?X


  • I started showing at around 15 weeks :) My doctor told me that my uterus should expand and straighten towards the end of the first trimester, typically between weeks 10 and 12 and I guess it worked

  • That’s lovely, im hoping my bump will come soon :) x

  • Hey I have the same uterus, it’s very common I believe! I’m 16 weeks now and people defintely wouldn’t know I was pregnant if I didnt tell them. I think everyone is different also but I think by 20 weeks I will have one. I hope I stay small now to be honest haha x

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