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Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 5



  • Hi ladies sorry I haven't been in contact today, iv been trying to peace stuff tigtoget in my head. Basically my mum & brother thought it was odd my partner had gone out. I wasn't bothered but then I had this urge to look on his fb so I hacked into a found a message to a girl he works with. I know her as I used to work there to . So I saw this message


    I then freaked out and tried calling him. Rang his friend and spoke to him about it. In the mean time I told my oh I was in labour as I knew that would make him come home. When he got back I told him there was nothing happening. He looked hurt & upset that his son wasn't about to be born, and I asked him what was going on, he said she was supposed to be going out but never showed up so he just went with another lad. I felt embarrassed.  Today I was trying to peace together shit, and I messaged her she's read it but not replied & has told my oh I messaged her, then he told me. I'm still not 100% that he's telling the truth. He said I'm the girl of his dreams were having our baby everything is perfect why would he want to fuck it up. I just don't know what to do. I love him & I wanna be with him but this is eating me up. :'( x

  • steffy, personally I wouldn’t like those messages either. I totally get that there’s nothing overly in them but you’re heavily pregnant and you should be his first priority. 

    Only you know if you believe him. Has he shown you the message she’s sent him today, telling him that you’ve text? 

    Men are plonkers but you could really do without the added stress.


  • No he hasnt emj, he just sat on the bed and told me x

  • Hey guys,  Glad to hear you are all okay!!

    I've taken another test. Last night it was negative and same this morning.. 

    I haven't had bleeding or pains like miscarriage and I still feel pregnant. 

    After we found out I got that runny nose and headaches that we get  I got the week of cramps and then a tiny bit of blood for the egg attaching. Back ache which I never really get apart from periods, I've been feeling sick and can't eat some foods and I've also got one of them varicose veins. And now I'm thinking do I go A&E?

    Can anyone please advise me on what to do please 

  • Starryeyes, contact your EPU who will scan you. I just googled for mine and it gave me a number. Either that or make an appointment at your doctors. Xxx

  • I would do exactly the same as emj3 suggested. An wish you all the best let us know what happens xxx

  • Hope all is ok starryeye! 

    Im freaking out and wondered if any of you could shed some light... I woke up with sharp pains that come and go.. I took my last CB digital this morning and its back at 2-3 weeks I’m so confused and worried that my hcg levels are going down, no one will do any bloods until Monday at my appointment.. I’m so worried xx

  • Claudsanch, I don’t really know enough about it but a scan at your EPU would help to put your mind at rest. Are you still having pains?xxx

  • they won’t scan me until my appointment Friday, they’ve said that they won’t see much right now so just need to wait till Friday, the pains have eased for now xxx

  • Glad the pains have gone it's a bit annoying that they won't scan you till Friday to be honest. I hope you don't have any more pain. Rest up and take it easy 

  • 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • I’m going  completely stop testing now cause I’ve ready with the CB digitals the dates aren’t 100% accurate it depends on time of day etc.

    its driving me mad so going to take a step back and just see what happens and what will be will be, hopefully a healthy bean on Friday at the scan but until then I need to stop putting all my focus on sympto spotting and testing it’s rodiculous now! 


  • Sorry awful spelling stupid keyboard on my phone! X

  • Yeah goI’d plan claudsanch, you’re prob worrying yourself unnecessarily. Xxx

  • that seems like a good plan claudsanch it is so hard not to test all the time and when you get to a certain Point in the pregnancy they just stay dark no matter what has happened, after 6 weeks I was getting dark tests but my baby had stopped developing at 6+2 weeks and I didn’t find out till 9+ weeks so don’t rely on them 

    afm I’ve got cars on the brain instead of babies, sure is helping with the 2ww haha trying to decide wether to buy this car my dad has seen is on sale for £500 less than asking price and will cost me about £100 a month to run with insurance being payed monthly and tax but that’s without petrol  it’s a nice little car for my first car and coming from a garage but it’s such a big decision haha 

  • Mrsrees, your first car is very exciting!!! That sounds like a good deal to me. Good luck with the tww

  • Congratulations ladies Who are newly pregnant.  It is a super stressful time, and they do say unless you have intense pains and bleeding try not to worry.  That being said, my first loss was before HB but was mmc until 12 weeks, although I knewas had lost all symptoms.  It took until then to get a faint positive test where as was same positive all the way through, so it is no help what so ever testing daily......

    my second was a later loss of a twin.  I had excruciating pains a couple of days before and then when I had a scan she had gone 😢 

    Mrs Rees where are you in tww. 

    I got to end of tww after having a positive OPK and nothing.  No period and bfn.  I have had another positive OPK yesterday and a bit of EWM, but think I might have picked it up too late as I thought it was increasing due to coming on.  So now I am around day 100+ with no period 😬

    Also was trying to stop bf, and she has been so poorly, I will have to stop formula and increase bf again.  Projectile vomiting and explosive poos! She is too old for all that, so might have to just wait and try and get her onto goats milk in a month or so....

    i start back to work next week, can’t believe it, I am gutted 😢

    Steffy, only you know the personality of your partner And if he is a bit of a bad boy party flirty type of guy.  Mainly you can’t change a person, going out with matesnis one thing, my hubbie still has 4am benders and is in his 40’s he even tells me about students who were flirting with him, but I 100% trust him.  He would not go out if I said I didn’t want him to, if that was heavily preggers or when we had the new born - after baby is here and hormones are settled trust your gut, it is normally always right xx

  • Mrs fish I should be due on in 4 days if it stays at a 27 day cycle but god knows if it will or not 

    ah shame amalie has been poorly hope she is feeling better soon 

    wow 100 day cycle that is a long time hopefully tour cycles will return to normal once you stop breastfeeding but until then I guess just enjoy the time with amalie :) xxx

  • Are you hopeful this month Mrs Rees? We’re you timings good etc? 

  • if it is a 27 day cycle then I ovulated on Christmas or Boxing Day and we did dtd a lot but I never get any hopes up as it hurts too much especially as I’m only like 4 weeks from when my due date should have been for 2nd angel 

    I shall see what happens :) 

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