Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 5



  • I spent 4 hours in adau had a speculum examination it was horrible and I’m now bleeding and I’m freaking out, been told it’s normal but to keep an eye I am so scared that I’m going to loose him now and hate myself for having the speculum done :( 
    Test was negative for amniotic fluid and she did a quick scan of baby afterwards so we got to see him. 
    ive got a urine infection so been given antibiotics for that. X
  • Try to stay calm @Claudsanch- surely they wouldn’t have done it if it’s dangerous to the baby and the scan showed you he was fine. I know it’s scary but if they said bleeding is common after it, I’m sure he’ll be ok. Sending you big hugs.xxxx
  • Thankyou emj3 xx
  • Glad the test was negative for amniotic fluid. Sorry you had the speculum they are horrid having that put in and taken out. I hope the infection goes soon. Just take it easy and I have everything crossed for you. Make sure you get plenty of rest and if need be stay in bed really take care of yourself. How many weeks are you now ?
  • I agree with Emj3 as well x
  • Bleeding has slowed down for now just got a niggly pain down below at bottom of my tummy, I asked all the midwives if it was definitely safe and they all said yes it won’t harm baby, I’ve got to start antibiotics for urine infection and have a pessary, so might try and get an appointment with midwife to just put my mind at ease, I’m 20 weeks tomorrow @Lou38 I did feel him move before I went to sleep and so did my partner so I did calm down it just scared me seeing the blood but I haven’t filled a pad it’s been spotting on a pad and a bit when I wipe but at one point last night there was quite a bit when I wiped xx
  • Blood has turned brown now so im
    guessing that is normal xx
  • That’s good @Claudsanch. I know it must’ve been scary. Try to rest and take it easy today. Yes definitely try to get a midwife appointment- I think it’ll help with your anxiety over it.xxxx
  • Seeing my midwife at 1030 this morning so hoping she will just quickly listen in to baby and put my mind at ease a little, still got the niggly pains but bleeding has eased off for now so that’s good! 
    Thank you ladies for being so quick to reply and supportive it’s such a scary ride with all the worries!xx 
  • @Claudsanch we're so glad all is as it should be - let us know how the midwife appointment goes, won't you? 

  • Hope all goes well claudsanch let us know xx
  • Hi ladies 
    midwife went fine heard babies heartbeat and all sounded fine she said the brown blood is probably from yesterday but if it goes fresh red again to get checked but by the sounds of things where I tensed up yesterday during the examination when she pulled it out it obviously cut me or scratch cells that’s why it’s probably old blood today from yesterday. My midwife was really helpful and reassuring. 
    Got my antibiotics for urine infection too but I feel a lot more at ease now xx
  • I am so glad that you feel more reassured by your midwife . An that you heard babies heart beat its a lovely sound when you hear that. Still take easy though because you need to becuase of your infection and the antibiotics will kick in soon. I am sure everything will be okay x
  • Brilliant news @Claudsanch!! Fingers crossed it’s easy from now
  • Hi ladies! Had my 20 weeks scan today all is perfect baby is healthy and very wriggly and definitely a boy! Can’t believe I am halfway through now what a rollercoaster it’s been! 
    Hope you are all doing well xx
  • That’s brilliant news @Claudsanch. You must be soooo pleased and relieved.xxxxx
  • I am so pleased for you Cluadsanch 
  • Hi ladies! I’m hoping you can reassure me. I’m 7 weeks and got a tiny little spot of red blood after going #2 and another time next time after I went to pee.. I am freaking out. Had a mc before, but I haven’t had painful cramps this time.. just some pressure. Should I be worried? I came home right away to bed.
  • Billy the kitty, hope you’re ok. First of all try not to panic, lots of women spot a little in pregnancy an others bleed and it’s still ok. Have you had any more trough the night?xxx
  • I had spotting when going to the loo at the beginning too and I was told it was everything settling down, have you had anymore? Xx
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