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Pregnant after miscarriage - Part 5



  • Good luck thirdtimelucky- Fingers crossed everything goes to plan! It’s very exciting but I know it’s unbelievably nerve-racking too! it’s a hard journey if things have gone wrong in the past.xxxx

  • Dee2dee your so close, keeping fingers crossed Hun. Think it's then steffy and then me due or is anyone due in between? 

    So glad I'm not the only one feeling like this, it feel silly but can't shift it. Feeling better today but might mention to my midwife tomorrow and see what she says 

  • Aww it’s so exciting. Claloub too- I can’t wait to see pics of these gorgeous babies!!! 

    Does anyone have names? Steffy does doesn’t she?xxx

  • Yes real close and real nervous haha as if she’s my first but it’s been soo long since I’ve given birth I’ve forgot but I’m sure it’s all going to come back soon. 

    Honey, I think talking to your midwife is a good idea she just might have the answers to help. 

    We’ve got her named Emj it’s Londyn LeeAnn King. I’m curious on how big she’s gonna be at 32 she was 4lb 5oz can’t wait for my last growth scan 3, January 

  • Awww I love her name Dee2Dee. It’s very cute. Have they said how big they think she’ll be? Although they never seem to get it right, must be difficult to estimate!xx

  • Just wanted to get in early and thank you ladies for helping me through this year. Plus, I don’t want to get upset later!!! 2018 has been without doubt, the toughest year of my life and you lovely ladies have helped so much, I’m not sure I would’ve got through it without you. So thank you for your kind words, support and encouragement.

    I hope 2019 brings each and every one of you lots of happiness, with the new babies that have arrived, the babies on the way and the babies that haven’t even be made yet. 


  • Thanks Emj, I really just came up with her name weeks ago haha we’ve always had her middle name but not her first. No I really don’t know what they are estimating her as until Thursday last estimation was at week 32 and she weighed 4lb 5oz which was right on time for her age so I’m guess maybe 6lb-7lb for this upcoming scan since we are a few days away from 37 weeks. Wow I can’t believe we are here I’m so excited and emotional. I’m with you Emj these chats has helped through so much. I wish you all a Happy Healthy 2019 for the babies coming, alr here and the ones to come God Bless!! 

  • Hello! 

    im new to this thread and forum but need a safe place to chat with people that actually understand and have the same thing in common! 

    I have a gorgeous boy who is 5 next month with my previous partner. 

    I miscarried last sept around 5 ish weeks and then again at the end of Oct literally the day I found out I was pregnant I bled so I’m guessing it was a chemical.. 

    anyway 2 days ago i found out I’m pregnant I will be 5 weeks either tomorrow or Thursday I’m not quite sure.. I’m booked in for a scan on the 11th and also having hcg tested on Monday but I am soo scared and nervous I cannot get excited ive Read that your more likely to miscarry a third time and I’m petrified it’s going to happen again because we’ve been ttc since May last year!

    this will be my fiancé’s first baby! 

    The tests I’ve taken are all the strongest I’ve had compared to my last two pregnancies they were really faint. 

    im literally finding myself testing everyday to make sure they’re not getting fainter! 

    sorry for blabbing on and happy new year! Xx

  • Dee2dee, 37 weeks-wow. She’ll be here so soon. It’s very exciting. Can’t wait to see a picture of her. 

    claudsanch, I feel your worry. I’m in a similar situation. I have 2 children but 2 Mcs last year and pregnant again, early days 6+5. Every day is dragging and I’m scared to death of a scan but I’m trying not to get as stressed as last time because I really don’t think that it helped. My hubby lives by the mantra of what will be, will be, and I’m trying but I just keep wondering how many times I can put myself and everyone else through this.

    these lovely ladies have helped me so much and now some of them have had babies and others are nearly due so it can be done!!

    try to be positive and I really hope this is your rainbow.Xxx

  • Thank you emj3 for replying! 

    im trying to be positive and I just am hoping that everything is fine, I’m nervous about my scan next week but we are due to fly to spain that Sunday so it will be good for peace of mind before we go! 

    im sorry to hear about your losses it’s so hard isn’t it, I kind of had to be strong for my OH half the first time because he took it really hard but the second time it’s like both miscarriages hit me at once and I struggled! 

    Im just trying to take each day as a blessing when there’s no blood but I’ve got such period like cramps not painful just dull aches so I’m trying not too google!


  • Don’t google!!! Ive read cramps are a good sign of the baby implanting well and things moving so try not to worry. I know how hard that is though. 

    Fingers crossed for your scan then you can have a lovely holiday!


  • Thank you emj3! 

    ill keep you posted! 

    hardest thing at the moment is I’m off work until Monday as it’s half term so the days seem longer and are dragging.. 

    This friday will be the same amount of weeks that I miscarried the first time so fingers crossed! 

    How are you finding it this time around? Xx

  • I’m the same. Only back on Monday. It sounds daft doesn’t it, but when you’re busier, time goes quicker So it seems to be dragging. Every day is very long!!!!!

    I‘m up and down really. The whole thing freaks me out. I found out at my 20 week scan with my first loss in March and it just killed me. I mc at 11 weeks in August but I coped with that ok- I almost expected it and I was still really grieving over my angel baby boy. 

    I just keep hoping that this time will be different. I sailed through my first 2 pregnancies- its all very strange.

    i Hope these are our little rainbows

  • Oh I’m so sorry for your loss, life can be so cruel can’t it! :( 

    fingers crossed that this is it for us and we will get our rainbow babies in 8/9 months! 

    I will definitely be using this everyday as it’s been comforting talking to you so thank you very much I really don’t feel so alone now! xx

  • Happy new Year everyone 

    I look forward to seeing all your babies arriving over the coming months very exciting

    sorry I’m not posting so much but it’s not always easy knowing I’m the only one left without a pregnancy and the ttc page seems to have gone quiet at the minute but I do enjoy reading how you all are 

    really hoping I get to join you all soon on this difficult pregnancy journey just wish I knew when it would happen and that I would have some insight into how it’s all going to go but 🤞🏻 2019 will be a good year 

  • Happy new year ladies!! 

    Welcome to the group claudsanch , firstly congratulations :D & secondly sorry about your losses. It's so daunting after a miscarriage as to whether everything will be ok or not & it's hard to remain positive. Once you have that first scan ask them if they can scan you every week or other. I had this with my rainbow, was scanned from when they thought I was 6 weeks, I was actually 7+3. I'm now 35+4 and it still doesn't feel real! Fingers crossed your rainbow stays put!

    Mrsrees we completely understand Hun, hopefully your blessed with a baby soon! Fingers crossed Hun!

    I'm not feeling to good tonight. I felt like I was coming down with flu, my head,neck & back aches, sorry for tmi but my bowels are constant but normal! I swear it's not normal to go 6-7 times a day!! Had some odd twinges yesterday just wondering if this is the start? X

  • oooh steffy that would be very exciting!!!! Can’t wait to see these babies! I also can’t believe how far you all are- it seems to have flown!

    mrsrees, I totally get it but it will be your turn soon. looking forward to you joining me. 

    Claudsanch, I’m glad it’s helping. It helps me too. It’s is nice to speak to ladies going through the same thing.


  • Thanks ladies!

    still got dull crampey aches so Ive got a appointment with the nurse at my drs and hopefully she can do some bloods to make sure things are going up as they should! 

    I just want to be back at work now so that I can be pre occupied this week is dragging!

    How are you feeling today emj3? Xx

  • Yeah not too bad really- thanks. I’m the same, I look forward to the holidays so much but actually time goes so much faster at work! Haha!

    is your appointment today?

    I'm going to book a scan for about 9 weeks- I’m 7 weeks tomorrow. I’m feeling so superstitious though, last time I booked a scan, I miscarried  before it. In fairness, I’d already had a couple of very early scans but I feel like I’m jinxing myself, which is just bonkers!!!


  • My appointment with the nurse is today although not sure if she will do bloods im hoping she will! 

    i was automatically booked in for a scan when I went to the drs that’s next Friday 11th mainly because we’re going to Spain that weekend! I’m very superstitious that something will happen before the scan I’m a nervous wreck.. 

    Im very snappy today everything is annoying me! 

    its horrible isnt it I just want to enjoy the moment and the fact I’m pregnant but I just can’t, my OH is getting excited but I just can’t bring myself too, I keep telling him to just calm down a little and not get too ahead of himself! 


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