Anyone else noticed there bones have got more cracky? I cant turn my back lately without it popping?? Anything I can do to avoid this - my knee seven crack when I get up now??? thanks x


  • I've had a little popping if I move suddenly but I can't put any weight on my knees at the moment it feels like I'm kneeling on bone! I've been making sure I get my fill on calcium rich foods to try and combat it a bit and it has helped.
  • I've only really noticed this in my hips, but its quite sore and happens a lot at night when I'm trying to roll over in bed.
    Probably it's because the ligaments are all
    relaxed in pregnancy so your bones aren't so well supported. Maybe??
  • mmm i think i will check with the midwife on thurs at my appt...have a dodgy back anyway so dont want it to get worse! x
  • everything clicks always x
  • I just saw my mum this weekend and she asked if I had loose kneecaps! Apparently this was one of her earliest symptoms when pregnant - her kneecaps seemed more mobile than normal. It's down to the extra relaxin hormone loosening all your ligaments etc.
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