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funny blood???

does anyone have antibody m in there blood? just curious to know how rare it is. xxx


  • i dont have that antibody, but i also have a rare antibody in my blood called anti-cw antibodies.but have never found anyone else who has it.

  • I have anti bodies in my blood, midwife is just waiting to find out what anti bodies they are as im rhesus negative and its not good.

  • im told that it wont harm the baby as it doesn't cross the placenta but had to be monitered just incase. what is antibody-cw?
  • to be honest im not to sure what they are, i was told when i was pregnant with my 1st i had the antibodies, my partner had to have his blood checked to make sure he didnt have them to cause if he did my body would have killed the baby unless i had a anti d injection or sumin, they think my antibodys are the reason why i misscaried in 2003. and that i have them cause my mums blood is so rare(she has the rarest)
    it dusnt cause me a problem in pregnancy just after the baby is born they have to take a blood sample from the unbilical cord, and my baby can get really bad jaundice aparentley, luckaly my daughter was only mildley afected just hope the same for this baby. hope you find out more about yours hun,
    why not look it up on the net and see what comes up xx

  • sara,
    dont people who have rhs negative blood with antibodys have the anti d injection?im sure you will be fine hun,they must have somethin they can do 4 u hun good luck xx
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